Toke Makinwa laments inability to find suitable men for casual sex

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Popular media personality and entrepreneur Toke Makinwa, has cried out over the lack of eligible men who could help with her sexual needs.

Toke took to her Twitter page to speak about the few issues men she wanted to copulate with tended to have, making her goals unachievable.

She tweeted:

Can a girl just get some good “D” with no complications, likeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Three always has to be one nut unscrewed yhoooooo…

If he ain’t ugly, got some baby mama drama, fighting some financial demons, spiritual too. Married or unsure of his status, (he might be single but someone somewhere is dating him), there has to be some unfinished business 👩‍💼!!! Fix it Lord 😂😂😂😂😂

Once you hear “it’s complicated” after you’ve asked a question, your head starts spinning into different directions, like nobody wants to inherit your complications, can I just find a unicorn 🦄

Adulthood is so ghetto!!!!

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