“Yomi Fabiyi is a disgrace, a complete idiot” – Toke Makinwa weighs in

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Popular OAP and entrepreneur Toke Makinwa, has weighed in on the rape case against actor Baba Ijesha.

Toke narrated how she’d cursed out a man who once sexualized a 3-year-old in her presence as she stated that the world was full of vile people, one of them being Ijesha.

She took to her Twitter page to share her opinions and called out anyone who tried to defend the actor as a rapist themselves.

She tweeted:

Yomi Fabiyi is a disgrace, a complete idiot, one of the reasons why the  fight against sexual violence gets harder by the day, you want to see a video first even when you know she is a minor? Even after you heard he confessed? What is wrong with the world??? I cannot can’t.
Anyone asking for video evidence first is part of the problem, ask yourself why you want to watch a video of a child being sexually molested, what does that do for you? Why do you even want to see a video of a minor being molested before you believe them? Stop questioning victims

Stop shaming victims of abuse, stop trying to analytically understand their statements, you clearly heard the child was failing in school, her brothers complained of a change in her behavior pattern, you think they made all that up???? You must be sick too.

If I see you comment rubbish defending Yomi Fabiyi I will block you, I will shame you first so everybody else can block you, we will report your account and hopefully have it removed, if you have no joy pls don’t take that of innocent young people, they deserve to be protected
The world is full of sick people, I once heard a grown ass man comment on how fresh a 3 year olds bum was, he casually just blurted out see as this babies bum bum fresh, I cursed him out and guess what? People around thought I was exaggerating, like it’s just a compliment.
This world is vile, the things that go on daily as we carry on, it’s so scary these days.

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Musician Davido threatens actor Yomi Fabiyi over defense of Baba Ijesha

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