I will keep repeating my clothes no matter how much you laugh at me – Singer Rema rants

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Young Nigerian ace musician Divine Ikubor aka Rema, who turns 21 years old today has gone on a rant about his style of dressing after backlash from fans.

Rema who seems to be tweeting under the influence as he celebrates his birthday with UK singer Justine Skye said that he would continue to repeat clothes despite people making fun of him.

He also told photographers to stop editing his photos to remove pimples as he was not perfect and it was causing undue pressure in young ones who looked up to him.

He told fans that being rich wasn’t the ultimate goal as rich people were not automatically happy as people thought they were.

He tweeted:

I will repeat my clothes, I don’t care if I’ve worn it before, laugh at me all you want I bought it with my hard earned money, I’m rich you’re not and you’re judging me? Lol some of your favs are owing they stylist and that’s FACTS!

Photographers stop editing my pimples so people don’t feel I’m perfect and start pressuring themselves to have perfect skin! I don’t fuck with the rules of the game, I don’t care what people think about me anymore! let people love me for me!

Too many youths depressed and committing suicide because they want to be rich and famous early, pressuring yourself because if you’re not a success early you’re not a success at all! Be patient! Not everybody with money is HAPPY!

“His lyrics are childish” Yes! I’m young fucking let me grow, if I start spitting all the bars now what will spit when I’m 30 years old, I barely write music let me have a collection of experiences and chat real shit from my heart! Many niggas sing about shit they don’t do!

See tweets below

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