#FindHinnyHumoren: Missing lady Iniobong Umoren who went for job interview raped, murdered

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Iniobong Umoren whose photos have been trending on social media after she went missing following a job interview has been found dead.

According to Ini’s friend Umoh Uduak, who raised the alarm three days ago, Ini was killed and buried after she’d been raped by the man who’d lured her to the alleged interview in Akwa Ibom.

Iniobong was invited for an interview at an undisclosed location on Thursday, April 29th. Uduak revealed that Iniobong made a distress call to her and she was heard screaming before the call ended abruptly.

The good friend who was aggravated by the situation raised an alarm and the hashtag #findhinyhumoren after several attempts to reach out to Iniobong.

In a new update by Uduak on Twitter, her friend, Iniobong (Huby Humoren) has been found dead and buried.

“The killed my friend and they buried my friend”, Uduak tweeted.

See tweets below

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