BBN’s Nengi disowns fans who follow her due to fantasies

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Big Brother Naija ex-housemate Nengi Hampson, has told fans to forget about her if they support her due to fantasies they have of her.

The reality TV star stated that she knew what she’d signed up for when she became a popular figure but that her family had not, hence they ought to be left out of online hate.

She however told fans who were in love with her person due to fantasies that they should leave as she was more than enough as she is to satisfy them.

She tweeted:

My brand is important to me and a good name is better than riches. I have been quiet on a lot of things but this constant disrespect is unacceptable! Please, stop pulling down my friends, my brand and my team. I understand it’s part of “what I signed up for”..

However, it is mean to subject my family and friends to the same Vitriol as they didn’t sign up for this. If you also love me because of your fantasies, UNSTAN ME. I am Nengi, I am a brand and I should be ENOUGH for you.

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