Model Adetutuo exposes married man who offered her N500k to have sex with her because she’s “ugly” [photos]

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Popular tribal Mark model Adetutuo, has leaked photos and DMs of a married man who offered to pay her 500k to sleep with her cause she’s “ugly”.

From the leaked DMs, the married man had said he’d been sleeping with beautiful women all his life and he wanted to know what it was like to sleep with an ugly woman.

He added that Adetutuo’s alleged ugliness turned him on as he offered to transport her to his location after which he’d pay her the proposed sum.

She’d proceeded to ask him for pictures and shared them afterwards as she called out others like him who were in her DMs in similar manner.

She wrote:

I have been waiting for this person to open their page for over two hours and I’m impatient about it.

My friend told me to play along until I get his pictures.

He sent them but I don’t want to believe the pictures he sent are his because?!!! How can you call me ugly when you look like rat?!!


Clout chasers in my DMs and it’s funny and not funny. I have the ones telling me to come to Dubai. Una wan kill me 😂😂

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