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There would be consequences if you go against Isreal – FFK warns Buhari over involvement in Israel-Palestine conflict

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Former minister of aviation Femi Fani Kayode, has advised president Muhammadu Buhari, not to side against Israel in the ongoing conflict with Palestine.

The former minister noted that Nigeria had over 100 million Christians who loved Israel, hence the president ought to side with the Jews.

He added that there would be repercussions if the president sided with the Palestinians instead.

FFK tweeted:

President Erdoghen of Turkey should leave Nigeria out of his jihad against Israel& his attempt to teach Israel a lesson.  President Buhari would be wise not to condemn Israel or join in any reckless adventure against the Jewish state otherwise a terrible price will be paid.1/

It is an article of faith for a every true Christian to stand with Israel. There are over 100 million Christians in this country who love & rever Israel. We pray for her every day & bless her. If we are forced to choose between the Arabs & the Jews we would choose the Jews.2/

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