Twitter Ban: I’m not coming back to Nigeria – Toke Makinwa extends vacation in US indefinitely

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Popular OAP and entrepreneur Toke Makinwa, has announced that she will not be returning to Nigeria due to the Twitter ban which has been enforced in the region.

Toke who is currently vacationing in Los Angeles, USA, condemned the government for their actions as she called it bullying.

Toke wrote:

So Nigerian Twitter really Ban???? That’s it, I’m not coming back

The state of my country really truly saddens me so much.

So Twitter removes a tweet that goes against their community guidelines and in return you ban the entire country from using the platform? If this is not bullying, I don’t know what else to call this, you restrict our freedom to sit our opinion cos your tweet was removed??

It’s the sense of entitlement for me, so long as you open an account, you abide by their guidelines, the tweet that was removed is shameful enough, who cursed us? As a county who did we offend?

They’ve been trying to censor us for a while now, this is not the democracy we accepted as a nation, this is selfish, it is so sad 😞 cos the people of Nigeria deserve better.

As I go to bed tonight I feel so helpless, kidnapping, bandits, lack of jobs, misplaced priorities, corruption, what is sad is how we as a nation are blessed, we have no natural disasters, all our problems are man made. Oga o, which way to go???

See tweets below

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