Kemi Olunloyo cries out about being shamed by fans for begging online while asking for share in her DMs

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Popular investigative journalist Kemi Olunloyo, has cried out at the constant shaming she receives when she solicits for funds on social media.

The blogger noted that many only shamed her in public but went on to beg her themselves in her DMs. She added that there was nothing wrong with her fundraising as she’d been through a lot and was only getting back on her feet.

This is coming after she was shamed for doing a freestyle of a song about Obi Cubana’s late mom which many interpreted to be begging by the journalist who’d previously been gifted N200k by Cubana Chief Priest for an Instagram challenge.

She wrote:

It was very sad to read so many comments shaming me as a beggar as always just because I was falsely detained and lost my social media assets mainly #hnnafrica my news brand. I never recovered but was able to eat daily. This past week I decided to use #obicubanamomburial to re-RECORD #Omox100 since Chidinma reportedly confessed that she didn’t kill Michael Usifo Ataga. The #oloshoremix may have legal implications. I feel that I sang a great tribute about Late Grandma Iyiegbu. Obi and I are friends online and talk regularly online in the DM. The level of cursing me out as BEGGING FOR MONEY and ran to sing a song saddens me with some even saying I hate Igbos. I have repeatedly said I dislike IPOB types who happen to be Igbos. Don’t confuse the tribe with the enemies of Nigeria who want to separate it. As a journalist, I keep archives. If I need money, I ask for it or crowdfund my needs. Soon as I start a fundraiser, everyone is in my DM begging for school fees, fake medical bills, transportation to here and there. Why don’t you do your own fundraiser? I will post all the DMs of those cowards abusing me online but begging in my DM. I read comments online all over the net. I do things like sing and rap to encourage younger ones and send an activism message. Cubana Chief priest said to me in June 2020 on his freestyle music contest “Aunty Kemi, so many people at your age, they can’t freestyle”. I entered because I wanted to win money. Nothing wrong with that. If you need help JUST SAY IT and stop pretending and coming to beg me for your share in the DM. Do your fundraisers. Someone won N500K and myself and others won N200K each. I go way back with these guys and once did a story about late Mrs Uche Iyiegbu and how great she was with her husband in the field of education. #ripodoziaku

Stop shaming people like me. I may have fallen but I will rise again. I don’t steal, I simply crowdfund if I need something or ask for it and of course WORK HARD FOR IT despite my medical challenges. I was invited to that funeral 3 mos after she died but Obi moved it to 7 months later. Due to health challenges, I couldn’t go.

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