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Any Governor who has not paid salaries is not allowed abroad – Nnamdi Kanu warns

Amadin Ogbewe



Any Governor who has not paid salaries is not allowed abroad – Nnamdi Kanu warnsThe leader of the indigenous people of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu has warned Nigerian Governors not to travel abroad if they are owing their workers salaries. 

He made this known in an interview on Ben TV, United Kingdom where he laid out his plans for South East Governors who had not paid salaries. 

He said that the governors had no business traveling and that he would simply query them about their owed salaries.

“Very soon, any governor who has not paid salaries will not come abroad anymore. If you owe salaries you’re not allowed to go abroad anymore. You bank teachers’ salaries, you bank the salaries of pensioners, you cannot come abroad anymore.So this is just the beginning.

“We’ll not attack them. We’ll just ask them questions. It is called picketing. It’s allowed within the ambit of democratic rules. So, if we see you, we’ll ask you what you’ve been doing with teachers’ salaries, nurses’ salaries and why you’ve not been paying people and what are you doing here? Any governor owing workers once we catch you abroad you’ll tell us what you’ve been doing with the salaries you’re supposed to pay.

“There’s no time on this earth that any process of agitation will be palatable for everyone or easy for everyone to buy into. When Nnamdi Azikiwe was campaigning for Nigeria to be free from colonial rule, he was sent to prison. Many people felt he was radical and declined to associate themselves with him. But in the end, he succeeded in freeing Nigeria not knowing that we are jumping from the frying pan to fire.

“Awolowo was the same thing. He was a firebrand. Many people didn’t like his approach from the beginning, but on reflection and review of what he did and how he managed to accomplish them, people have come to understand that he meant well for his people.

“So, now that these things are happening, most people would not appreciate it, but I’m sure that in many years to come, historians will look back to what’s happening today.” he said

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