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Nigerian cross dresser Bobrisky has come under scrutiny from the Internet after he gave his support to Pastor Fatoyinbo over allegations that he raped Timi Dakolo’s wife Busola.

Bobrisky referred to the situation as a case of just allegations as there was nothing yet proven. 

The cross-dresser further stated that the COZA senior Pastor was nice to him when he attended his church.

He wrote;

“If we all are given an opportunity to talk about this man here @biodunfatoyinbo as far as I’m concerned I will say he was nice to me. Have once attended his church in abj before and he was pleasant to me. For the allegation on him I can’t say anything to it because I haven’t seen any evidence to believe that story. I smile for Nigeria a lot of you were going to his page to curse him and insult him. He hasn’t been proven guilty yet, y going to his page to call him names. Is only an allegations… It’s. It yet proven by any court that he is guilty of the allegations on him. Y insulting him. Some of you will insult me yeah!!!! But you all know I don’t care. Let stop internet bully. Have a wonderful day”.

Nigerians however did not take his comments in good taste as they began to condemn his support for an alleged rapist. 

See his post and reactions below 

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Amadin Ogbewe


Ogbewe Amadin is a senior reporter at Dockaysworld. He’s been published in Fireside fiction and others. He’s a lover of fantasy, sci-fi, sitcoms and sarcasm.

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