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Buhari, Obasanjo smile and laugh together at council meeting amidst “letter war”(photos)

Amadin Ogbewe



President Buhari and Obasanjo were ‘all smiles’ as they met at the Council state meeting after back and forth attacks via letters.

The Council state meeting is currently holding in Abuja at the state House and has past Nigerian Presidents and Heads of States in attendance. The Senate President, Bukola Saraki is also present. 

Ex-President, Obasanjo had started the ‘letter war’ when he released an open letter to President Buhari titled ‘Point for concern and action’ wherein he criticized the current administration and referred to it as ‘another Abacha era’. 

The Presidency had hit back with a response titled ‘Get well soon’ as it claimed the Ex-Presidency needed medical help for his comments on President Buhari. 

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