30 Profitable and Easy Business You Can Start With 50k in 2024


Are you an entrepreneur or student who wants to start a business, but you don’t have much capital? In this article you will find 30 profitable and easy business you can start with 50K (50,000) or less in 2023 with actionable steps to take.

One problem new entrepreneurs often face is getting funds for actualizing their business ideas. Without capital to back up those thoughts in your head, you can’t do much by way of starting a company. 

Money is a huge determinant when you want to start a business because you’ll need it to buy materials needed for doing your work, wares if you’re a vendor, or even to rent a shop where you’ll operate from. 

But what if you don’t have enough in your budget to power your passion?

If you’re looking for a full-time self-employment venture or to gain a side hustle from a small-scale business, there are many businesses you can start with 50k or even lesser.

You don’t even need to break the bank before you can start these businesses.

In this article, you will find answers to:

  • Businesses you can start with 50k
  • Best business to start with 50k in 2024
  • Business you can start with 50k as a student in Nigeria

Dockaysworld has analyzed some of the best business that you can start with 50k in 2022 on this article. 

List of Profitable Business You Can Start With 50k 

  •  POS Business
  • Blogging
  • Food Business
  • Real Estate Agent Business
  • Cleaning Business
  • Liquid soap making
  • Barbecue Fish/ Shawarma Business
  • Baking & Snacks making
  • Juice/ zobo/ smoothie making
  • Egg distribution
  • Sell Used Cars
  • Catfish farming
  • Tutoring
  • Mini Importation
  • Dropshipping
  • Graphic design
  • Website design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Freelance Writing

What Business Can I Start With 50k in Nigeria

Starting a business can be financially draining, which is why most entrepreneurs seek out opportunities they can start with minimal capital. 

If you’ve halted your entrepreneurship because of funds, don’t give up yet. Try these 30 profitable and easy businesses you can start with 50K.

1. POS Business

Business You Can Start With 50k
Business You Can Start With 50k

A POS business costs less than N100,000 to start. Firstly you need to get a terminal with any Bank of your choice.

When you get a terminal, you can get a small kiosk or run this business from your house. In this case, you just need a banner announcing your services. 

Next, register and start your business. Also, ensure that you get verified by your bank, register your name with the CAC, and get a bank account for this business.

We already explained the step-by-step process of how to start a POS business in Nigeria in our ultimate guide, endeavour to check it out.

Why Is It Chosen 

  • A POS business requires small capital to start and it is low maintenance.
  • No need to rent a space, it can be done from your home.
  • There is a huge demand for this business because people withdraw money daily.

2. Blogging

Blogging is one highly recommended business you can start with 50k or way less which has been tried and tested by many entrepreneurs.

You can become a blogger without spending on capital and can do it with existing resources.

Simply, create a blog in any niche you prefer and then write topics about it to educate your readers. 

Your blog can be created for free or for a small fee on platforms like WordPress or Blogger.com.

If you pay for a subscription for as low as N15,000 or less you can get a custom server.

Enrich the blog with relevant material and get people to read it so that you can generate traffic and build a loyal readership base. 

With enough traffic, you can make money online by monetizing your blog with Google AdSense, display advertising, or affiliate marketing.

Why Is It Chosen

  • Blogging doesn’t require much material to start. 
  • With a laptop, smartphone,  and good internet connection you can run this business.

3. Food Business

The food business is an excellent business you can start with 50k or less at the begining.

The food business is important and with excellent culinary skills, you can make huge profits cooking for others.

Create a unique menu, a niche, and a market segment. Choose a market with a large return on investment.

Your customers could be oil and gas businesses, international corporations, business executives, and companies.

Find a good location to sell from, prepare simple foods like rice, pasta, and noodles for your first sales, then start catering for parties and gatherings.

Why Is It Chosen

  • People eat food daily.
  • You can grow this business easily.
  • Baking and snack-making can be added to the food business for extra income.

How To Start A Food Business

To successfully start a Food Business in Nigeria, you want to be prepared. This preparation is important so that your business doesn’t burn out after the first few months you established it.

Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to start a food business in Nigeria:

  • Get A Good Business Plan

A good business plan is one that covers and breaks down in detail – production processes, funding, and marketing strategies that’ll drive your venture forward.

Before you start buying foodstuff, ensure that you verify the feasibility of every goal and double-check your plan.

Another thing that’ll help you is to know places you can buy foodstuff from at a lower rate, including the utensils you’ll use to cook and serve the food.

  • Choose A Strategic Location 

A strategic location is perhaps the most important part of this step. It can indirectly affect the amount of food you sell daily and how much you make.

When picking a location to operate your food business, choose a place that is filled with people and activity books there. This can be close to a university, office, shopping center, or even a car wash. 

Wherever you choose, you should have lots of potential customers and minimal competition. Unless you’re partnering with a big supermarket to sell food at a space there.

You could also run this business from the comfort of your house and build an online customer base.

  • Register Your Business Name

This is a step you don’t want to miss, as you may run that food venture for years, only to discover that someone else has the exact same name as you, already registered.

No creator likes to be branded a copycat or wants to be seen as a branch of a business. 

You can register your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission and obtain the proper licenses from other regulatory bodies. Do well to meet and adhere to all the authorities requirements.

PS: We’ve done a fantastic article on how to register a business name in Nigeria, you can check it out.

  • Get Help

While you would have to start out on your own, a food business is something you’re going to eventually need help with, even if it’s just for delivery.

With more customers joining your community, you’re going to need an extra set of hands to help with monitoring customers’ orders, delivery, inventory, or even managing your social media pages.

Whoever you employ should be neat, have good customer relations skills, and be trustworthy.

  • Promote Your Business 

As you’re running around to get your food business in order, don’t forget to also promote it. 

Guaranteed, your food will be superb, but if you want more customers, then marketing what you’re selling is a good way to go.

  • Get Advice From Experts 

Getting advice from people who are already in the food business is a good way to start yours off on the right foot.

Questions you can ask them to include challenges they are facing, and how they expand their reach. Learn from their mistakes and steal their strategy.

  •  Set Your Price And Payment Methods

Have a fixed flat rate for aspects of your business like delivery. You can also set prices based on location. 

Additionally, have multiple payment methods to avoid disappointment, this can be Pay On Delivery, POS, Bank Transfer, or InterSwitch.

Furthermore, manage your finances deliberately. Track every kobo that goes out and what it went into. 

It will help if you document things like customers who have paid and haven’t gotten an invoice, and those who haven’t paid but got an invoice. 

  • Find A Mode Of Transportation 

This is very important, especially if you want to be known for timely food delivery.

Some modes of transportation you can use include bicycles, motorcycles, and minivans for long-distance delivery.

You could also partner with a reputable delivery company and just pay them a stipulated fee so that you don’t have to spend extra on buying vehicles or finding a driver.

4. Real Estate Agent Business

Presently, the Real Estate business is said to be one of the most lucrative and growing ventures in Nigeria. And while it is not for the faint of heart, should you decide to go into it, you can make a lot of money by becoming a real estate agent. with Zero Capital. Yes Zero!

As a real estate agent you’ll help homeowners, businesses, and investors, buy, sell, or rent property, building, home, or land. You may also be involved in loan servicing, residential, and commercial properties.

The sweet thing about the real estate business is that you can start making money immediately from agent or inspection fee a client pays for inspecting a property regardless of whether they make a purchase or not,

Some agents charge between N5,000 – N10,000 for inspection fee or higher in places like abuja or lagos.

When a client makes a purchase of any property through you, your earn a commission usually 10% of the total amount of the property bought.

For example, a client who wants to rent a house contacts you, firstly you take the client for inspection of the available properties you have in your catalog, its good to always have multiple options for your client in order to have a high conversion chance.

So lets say the house costs N150,000 you would earn about N15,000 if the client makes a purchase through you.

Now imagine just selling a land that costs even 500k? do the maths!. You could make serious money from real estate if you put in the work.

Nigerian real estate mogul, Bridget Adeyemi of LekkiAjahIkoyi, rakes billions of naira from real estate business. Earlier this year, she announced her biggest sale of a property worth 1.5 billion naira in abuja. Yes N1.5B.

Truthfully, in the real estate business just the successful sale of one land is enough to change your story forever.

Watch this video for a broad overview on how the real estate business works

How To Start A Real Estate Agent Business?

Besides reaching out to house owners and collecting inspection fees from people looking to rent homes and office spaces, there are other things you’ll need to start up a real estate business.

We listed them out below:

  • Assess Your Skills

Before you start handing out those business cards and telling people to call you about renting needs, ensure that you ask yourself an important question about the business you want to join.

Why Real Estate Business?

Venturing into this business will require you to have an interest or passion for Architecture and properties.

You’ll also need to possess strong persuasion, negotiation, and communication skills.

  • Have A Business Plan

To conquer this market, you’ll need to be strategic about your plans. You mustn’t start on a whim without having a particular plan in mind.

One piece of advice you’ll be needing is to start small and continuously plan. This advice is vital, especially if you’re in this business for the long term.

  • Build Your Brand

To become a brand, ensure that your business name is etched into the minds of people and is something they can trust.

This can be achieved by giving your customers enough value for their money, cultivating relationships, and engaging with them on a personal level. Also invest in a logo, website, and run adverts on platforms like Facebook, Jiji, Instagram and Google to further boost your brand awareness.

  • Register Your Business

This one is a no-brainer, and should actually be the first thing you’ll need to do before you start printing cards or investing in any other form of branding.

One sure place to get your business registered is in the Corporate Affairs Commission. With them, you can trademark your venture’s name and get the necessary licensing.

Furthermore, you can also register and identify with other bodies responsible for Nigeria’s Real Estates industry like the Association of Estate Agents in Nigeria, the Real Estate Developer’s Association, and the Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers.

  • Raise Capital

To get enough capital for this business, you can dig into your savings or also look for alternative sources of funding like loans from Microfinance Banks or investments. 

Also, go for equity investors that give you sizable equity to kickstart growth.  

  • Get Licensed

You can get a license from the Real Estate Transactions Department in your state of residence.

Just get the form and pay the application fees.

  • Go For Training 

Attend training in schools or real-estate companies to learn how deals are made, and get firsthand experience. 

Training improves communication skills and teaches networking with brokers, buyers, sellers, and other real estate companies.

  • Rent An Office Space 

An office space boosts your real estate business and gives you credibility. Clients can trust you, if they know an address where they can find you. Furthermore, it is professional and helps you close deals better.

Note, that you can also choose to run this business online or from your home.

  • Start Work

Planning without work is vain. If you really want to be an agent, start by practicing everything you’ve learned and executing your business very well. 

Execution includes daily tasks, closing deals, promotion, networking, client management, etc.

  • Network

Do well to network with other real estate agents, as this puts you in front of opportunities that can help you excel as an agent.

5. Cleaning Business

The cleaning business creates a house cleaning service for busy, middle-high income-earning families living in Nigerian major cities who just changed houses and need their new home cleaned. You could also clean offices regularly.

This business is a great side hustle you can start off with at least 30k or 50k for getting essential materials you’ll need for cleaning. 

Ensure that your company observes standard business practices that’ll make your customers keep coming back to you and refer others too. 

How To Start A Cleaning Business

Although it might not seem like it, cleaning businesses are vital to society, and as a cleaner your job is important.

This is because people will be counting on you to take good care of their houses or offices, and trusting you to make them feel safe when you’re on their property.

And you wouldn’t want to let them down. Here is how to start a cleaning business in Nigeria.

  •  Have A Budget

The purpose of a budget is not to restrict you, but to instead help you stick to the plan you made towards funding your cleaning business.

With a budget you can track everything you spend on getting equipment, buying cleaning agents, and also know how much you’re getting as profit.

Know what your financial capacity is before getting into this business.

  • Choose A Business Name

A good business name distinguishes you from other cleaning businesses out there and it helps you make a mental impression on clients.

We recommended you choose a name that short, precise and is easy to remember. There is no need to put the name of all your family members in it. One solid phrase is good enough.

  • Register Your Business Name

To register the business name with the Corporate Affairs Commission, you’ll need things like a Memorandum of Association, pre-registration form, stamp duty and filling fee, and registered address.

  • Decide The Type Of Cleaning Business You Want To Do

You decide the type of cleaning business you want to do, by finding out which one is most profitable in the area you live.

A simple market survey can do this for you. If you Iive around an office, then cleaning offices will give you the profits you seek. Similarly, if you stay in a residential area, then warm up to your neighbors.

Finding out these things helps you attract the right kind of clients.

  • Get Training In Cleaning

Yes, you can clean up your room and house until it’s sparkling clean, but you still need to get professional training if you want to excel in this business.

There are several agencies that offer quality training in this area and they can get you certified too.

  • Buy or Rent Cleaning Equipment

Decide if you want to buy or rent cleaning equipment. 

If you’re buying, you can get what you need online at places where they are affordable like Jumia, Jiji, and Konga.

You can also buy fairly used equipment from the market.

  • Market The Business

Some ways you can market your business includes getting branded t-shirts, stickers, a logo, and printing business cards to share with people.

You could also do something online like opening a social media page, getting a website or getting listed on Google for free.

  • Start Professional Cleaning 

Now that you have laid the foundation for your venture, it is time to start professional cleaning. 

Be timely, thorough, and trustworthy in your execution so that you can get more referrals and callbacks.

6. Liquid Soap Making

Liquid Soap Making is one of the cheapest business you can start with 50k or less. With 20k or lower you can get all the ingredients you need to make liquid soap and do it from your home.

It is an essential product needed for every home and the demand for it continues to grow. This business is so massive that companies can’t keep up with orders. 

You can make your soap and sell it in unbranded plastic bottles. You can also register your business to make it more official and put your product in attractive packaging.

Your customers can be supermarkets, other retailers, restaurants, bakeries, caterers, offices, and housekeepers.

How To Start A Liquid Soap Making Business 

One good thing about the liquid soap making business is that it is so affordable to begin and low maintenance to run. 

This is one business that won’t dig holes into your pocket and you might not even spend up to this 50k capital on it.

Let’s go over how to start a liquid soap making business in Nigeria:

  • Buy Ingredients For The Soap

The basic ingredients needed for producing the liquid soap, include:

  • Caustic soda
  • Soda Ash
  • Texapon
  • Sulphuric Acid 
  • Nitrosol 
  • Perfume
  • Formalin
  • Colourant
  • Sodium laurate sulphate
  • Sodium tripolyphophate sulphate
  • Water
  • Buy Equipment 

Necessary equipment you’ll need to buy for yourself and the business are:

  • Nose mask
  • Hand gloves
  • Stirring rod
  • Measuring cup
  • Tablespoons
  • Bowls or bucket 
  • Start Producing Soap

Once you have all your ingredients ready, you can now start production of the liquid soap.

Ensure that you follow the directives given by the experts when producing your own soap to avoid any mistakes or accidents.

If you’re unsure of what you’re doing, you can attend short training before you start your business.

  • Get Containers

Usually, most liquid soap makers fill the soap into used plastic water bottles, picked from the streets and washed.

However, for a more professional and hygienic touch, we recommend that you instead buy containers from the market.

You can package the soap well when you’re done and put logos depicting your registered business name on it.

  • Promote Your Business 

Your target audience includes restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, offices, and houses.

Those are the people you should market your well prepared liquid soap to.  You can also promote your business on social media.

7. Barbecue Fish/ Shawarma Business

The barbecued fish and Shawarma business is something you can earn from daily, because these foods are eaten regularly. 

You can make Shawarma and Barbecue fish at home and deliver them to offices, eateries, or restaurants. Or get a space in front of a bar or club and sell to people drinking.

How To Start A Barbecue Fish Business/ Shawarma Business

Barbecue Fish and Shawarma business are among the most lucrative and easy businesses to start in Nigeria. Mainly because Nigerians love to munch on sumptuous snacks, especially if they are neatly prepared.

The sweet thing is that you can run both business simultaneously as your customers are usually interested in both.

If You have the necessary skills to excite people’s tummy, here’s how to start up a barbecue Fish and Shawarma business:

  • Find A Fish Farmer To Partner With

A partnership with a fish farmer is a smart move, because it guarantees you a steady and robust supply of fish for your business.

Another good thing about this arrangement is that your customers will be eating farm fresh fish, not something stale bought from the market. If you have your own fish farm, that is a plus for you.

  • Buy Shawarma Bread And Ingredients

The other half of your business will be getting Shawarma Bread and other ingredients needed for making this snack.

Please note, if you are going to buy bread in bulk, ensure that you’ll finish selling it off immediately to avoid wastage.

  • Buy A Grill

A grill is an essential equipment in your business, as it will run smoothly if you buy one.

Good places to buy grills include – Jiji, Jumia, or Konga. You can also order it fairly used from the market.

A good grill would cost you around N30,000 to purchase.

  • Preparation Tools

These are things like a knife, chopping board, plate, any other utensils you’ll be using to prepare your meals and also serve customers who’ll be eating on the spot. Speaking of eating on the spot, this brings us to our next point.

  • Get A Good Location

Location is paramount when it comes to running any type of business. When you’re in the right place, you can attract the right type of clients.

You can set up shop in places like outdoor bars, car washes, or any other place people patronize frequently.

  • Install Equipment For Shawarma 

This would bet things like gas cylinders, microwave oven, a sink for washing up plates and foodstuff, a grill too.

8. Baking & Snacks Business

The baking and snack making is a hot business you can start with 50k in Nigeria right now, and not just because Nigerians love to eat, but because of the incredible return this business brings.

Baking is similar to snack making and you can choose to run them together if you have the equipment for it. 

This business is lucrative, you’ll bake ceremonial cakes and deliver them for events like birthdays, weddings, traditional marriages, graduation, or conferences. You can also make regular cakes or bread and display them in supermarkets and eateries.

How To Start Baking & Snacks Business

To start this business you don’t just have to be excellent at what you do but you need to get the essentials you’ll require for making the snacks you’d be selling.  

Remember we’re budgeting 50k for this business so you don’t want to go overboard on equipment buying. Instead, start with the kitchen utensils you have around your house and get ingredients too.

Additionally, choose a good location where you’ll be selling these snacks, and don’t forget to market them online too

You don’t need much to start, do these basic things first:

  • List The Equipment You Need

You’ll need the following items to make the bakery you envisioned in your head a reality. 

  • Oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Mixers
  • Baking Pan
  • Racks and baking sheet
  • Blender 
  • Flour sifter

Once you get these things, your mini bakery can start taking shape.

  • Register With The CAC and NAFDAC

The CAC and NAFDAC are two very important bodies in this your baking and snack making business, and you need their approval if you ever want your business to succeed in Nigeria.

The CAC handles all things business and business name registration. While NAFDAC oversees the health aspect of the food you’re producing.

Register with these two bodies to get the ultimate stamp of approval, so that customers feel more comfortable patronise you.

  •  Buy Baking Ingredients

Get the essential ingredients for making snacks or baking. This will be flour, eggs, margarine, baking powder, vanilla essence, nutmeg, sugar, milk, etc. 

  • Start Selling 

Like the barbecue and shawarma business, this venture will also thrive in places like offices, restaurants, supermarkets, fast foods, home delivery, etc. You can decide to sell offline or online too.

9. Juice/ Zobo/ Smoothie Making

When you are in the Juice, Zobo, and Smoothie-making business, you’ll give people healthier alternatives to caffeinated soft drinks.

Furthermore, this venture is a lucrative, diverse, and high demand business you can start with 50k in Nigeria. You could start by making these drinks fresh and selling them to clients in plastic bottles and then grow your venture with time.

Another good thing about is that the type of clients you’ll attract are people who’ll always need your products. This can be gyms, hospitals, restaurants, dieticians, supermarkets, small shops, and individuals who are on weight loss journey.

With a good recipe for these three drinks, you could penetrate the market with a unique taste, make huge sales, and ultimately become a household name in the minds of your customers.

How To Start Juice/ Zobo/ Smoothie Making Business 

Juice, Zobo, and Smoothie have already been established as being the healthier versions of carbonated drinks, packaged juice, and alcohol.

So, if you support and breathe healthy living, and have this skill in your back pocket, now may be the time to monetize what you’ve learned.

Start like this:

  •  Do The Setup

Pick a name for your bus and register it with the CAC, so that your business isn’t tagged illegal.

Next, get together basic equipment that your 50K can buy. Then do containers and  stickers for packaging.

Remember that starting small, doesn’t mean that you won’t grow tomorrow.

  • Craft Your Menu

Your menu is the most important part of your business, because how what you make tastes will determine the number of customers you get.

This is time to show off your skills and dazzle clients with drink combinations they’ve never tasted before.

  • Get Your Pricing Together

How much do you want to sell the drinks you make?

A good way to set pricing could be by selling drinks for a certain amount based on the size of the bottle, flavor, distinctiveness and how likely it is to become a custom favorite.

  • Take Great Pictures Of The Drinks

When it comes to matters regards food and drinks, visuals sells. You must ensure that you get in on this by taking amazing pictures of the drink you make.

Thankfully, the natural color of drinks and mixtures pop on camera, especially on a White background.

Use that to your advantage and then post the pictures on social media.

  • Find A Profitable Market Segment

Who do you want to sell to? And which of your products will they benefit the most from?

Here’s some segmentation tips for you. 

If you make popsicles or fruit ice-cream, you can tailor it to suit children who love things like that.

Freshly squeezed juice can be reserved for hospitals, patients, and generally, adults. Who need to watch their sugar intake and cut back on processed drinks.

Smoothies can be for people who work out at the gym and need that extra shot of nutrition to maintain the body they work so hard for.

  • Get A Local Fruit Supplier

As you already guessed, the local fruit supplier will be the one getting a variety of fruits for.

You can come with an arrangement with them that allows you to pay up your dues at the end of every month.

  • Learn How To Preserve Fruits

Learn the different preservation methods for different types of fruits, so that they can last longer and not spoil before you can use them.

You could also get a store where these fruits can be kept in a good temperature.

10. Egg Distribution

Egg Distribution is a business that starts small and eventually grows into a big enterprise because people use eggs for many things and supply can’t keep up with the demand.

Eggs can be eaten or used to produce confectioneries, soaps, shampoo, face masks, adhesives, hair conditioners, and cosmetics. People will need eggs for a lot of things and you’ll be there to deliver.

To venture into this industry, first partner with reputable farms or wholesalers that produce eggs, next buy from them, and then redistribute to supermarkets, shops, fast foods, bakeries, retail stores, and residential areas too. 

Egg sales and distribution can be done even if you don’t have a vehicle and any means of transportation available can suffice until you start expanding. 

Why Is it Chosen

  • Eggs has many uses and the demand is high.
  • There is a huge network of consumers you could easily reach.
  • No special equipment or expertise is needed for this business.
  • It is one business you can start with 50k or less

How To Start An Egg Distribution Business

Egg has lots of nutritional value and uses. Additionally, the poultry business is also lucrative. If you’re thinking about going into this business, you should do it.

The demand, supply and distribution of eggs is booming in Nigeria and you too can cash out from it.

  • Find A Reputable Poultry Farm

The first step would be to find a reputable poultry farm that produces large quantities of eggs. They should be able to supply you in bulk anytime you need it.

If possible, get more than one farm. Just be sure that the farm is well-organized and the birds are healthy too. Come to an agreement on prices and supply timings.

  • Get A Mode Of Transportation

You’ll need to transport a large quantity of eggs from one place to another, so it is advisable that you get a vehicle that’ll help you move around.

The car doesn’t have to be new, just very functional. You can also rent a car from someone and pay them a fixed amount.

Don’t use public transport as the eggs could break from being badly handled.

  • Arrange For A Storage Facility 

Get a storage facility where you’ll keep the eggs you got from the farm before you distribute them.

Customers can also come here to buy eggs in bulk or pick up their orders.

  • Buy Crates

You’ll use crates to keep the eggs so that they don’t break and you lose profits. 

  •  Identify Your Target Market

Locate your target customers  and reach out to them so that your business can grow.

Places you can go to include the gym, hotels, restaurants, schools, houses, and industries that use eggs.

11. Sell Used Cars

To start selling used cars, find cars that are for sale, get the owner’s number and ask them how much they’re selling the vehicle. 

With their permission take pictures of the car, and upload them on e-commerce websites or social media. Once the car is sold, the owner gets their profit and you get your commission. 

Why Is It Chosen

  • Selling used cars business can be done online.
  • You won’t deal with the stress of shipping cars.

12. Catfish Farming

If you have an interest in agriculture then might we suggest Catfish farming?

With a budget of 50k, this business should only be ventured into if you already have an old tank or an enclosed space in your compound you can convert into a fish pond.

Once you have your repurposed fish pond, seek out other fish farmers that can sell fingerlings and feed to you so that you can use it to start up your own farm.

Keep in mind that Catfish farming like other agricultural ventures is a business that takes time to mature. And you can start enjoying your profits once your fishes grow big enough to be sold. It is better to start this as a supporting business.

You can distribute fish to restaurants, hotels, resorts, bars, supermarkets, and traders in the market. You can also learn to make fish barbecue and sell it on the side too.

Why Is It Chosen

  • Agriculture is a lucrative field in Nigeria.
  • It’s a hobby you can monetize.
  • Catfish farming is low maintenance and doesn’t require any expertise.

13. Tutoring

Tutoring is a profitable business and with enough knowledge of various subjects, you can make money teaching people what you know.

You might start with private home tutoring for children and adults in various subjects or sign up on platforms like Superprof or Udemy where you can sell courses online.

Likewise, you can use WhatsApp or Facebook to host exclusive masterclasses for dedicated students for a small fee. 

14. Mini Importation

As a mini importer, you’ll buy items from foreign websites like  Alibaba, Aliexpress, Zara, and Shein and sell them on Konga, Jiji, or Jumia. 

Before starting this business, understand how it works so that you can earn well from it. 

Some items you can import, clear, and sell easily are- shoes, clothes, hairs, wristwatches, car trackers, phones, phone accessories, car trackers, and housing wares.

15. Dropshipping

In dropshipping business, you buy a large number of goods or products from manufacturers and help them sell them online on websites, Facebook, and Instagram.

Why Is It Chosen

  • Little upfront capital.
  • Dropshipping is easy to do.
  • Flexible location.
  • Wide range of products to sell.
  • Lower expenses.

16. Graphic Design

Graphic design is a simple no extra cost business you can start today. 

Graphic designers are among the most sought-after professionals in today’s corporate industry and they earn well too. 

Design has a huge market you could tap into with this skill and if you’re dedicated you can cash out from this business in no time.

Why Is It Chosen 

  • Graphic design is a sought-after skill.
  • The design market is huge and lucrative.
  • You could design for hundreds of businesses globally.

17. Website Design

A web design business can start with a good laptop and computer programming knowledge. You’ll design websites or mobile applications for businesses.

A web designer must know how to develop standard websites, generate web graphics, build pages, and upload web pages to servers. 

Why Is It Chosen

  • Web design is an in-demand industry.
  • Web design can be added to a graphic design business for extra income.

18. Digital Marketing

With more companies taking their products and services online, Digital marketing has become an in-demand skill. 

As a Digital marketer, you’ll help brands to connect with customers on the internet and digital communication channels. 

It includes using email, web-based advertising, text or multimedia messages, and social media as a marketing channel.

Why Is It Chosen?

  • Digital marketing doesn’t require capital and you can learn it for free.
  • It can be done with SEO and freelance writing.
  • Digital marketing specialists are well-paid and highly demanded.

19. Affiliate Marketing

An affiliate marketer assists businesses and individuals to sell their products online in return for a percentage of the profits. 

The products you sell as an affiliate can be digital or physical and you can sell them online. 

You can join numerous affiliate programs and use your links to promote items on specialized websites or social media. 

Why Is It Chosen

  • Affiliate marketing is an online business.
  • Affiliates receive a commission for every product sold. 
  • You can join more than one affiliate program.

20. Freelance Writing

As a freelance writer, you’ll be hired to write articles, newsletters, website page descriptions, product descriptions, press releases, news stories, scripts, and advertisement scripts.

This business is sustainable because you get hired by other companies to write for their websites and get paid when you deliver an article. 

With enough time on your hands and expertise, you can write for 1-5 different businesses and obtain income for all these jobs.

Why Is It Chosen

  • You can write for multiple businesses at once.
  • It is a stable source of income.
  • You can get well-paying clients on platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, etc.

21. SEO Consulting

As an SEO specialist, you’ll help people’s websites show up on search engines, and implement practices that’ll help them increase organic traffic to their business.

SEO consulting is a lucrative business and it won’t go out of style because people constantly use search engines and need someone that understands how that system works.

Before you start your SEO business, gain knowledge in this field. You can take SEO courses on Hubspot or Coursera to solidify your skills and get a certification. 

22. Selling Arts And Crafts Online

There is a huge marketplace for people to buy or sell handmade crafts and vintage items. 

If you make beads, bags, shoes, Ankara outfits, and other fashion items you could earn money selling those things online on Etsy.

Etsy pays you when buyers buy your items. They take 5% of every sale and you keep the rest of the money.

23. Sell Photos 

This business is linked to Graphic design and although it pays well, most people don’t know about it. 

What you do is upload your stock photos, design templates, or footage to certain websites with huge user bases, then when someone uses or licenses your contribution you get paid. 

Some of the biggest websites where you can earn daily from photos are Freepik, Shutterstock, Unsplash, and iStock. 

To begin, you can borrow a camera if you don’t have one. You could also create designs and upload them, with no camera required.

24. Car Washing Business

The car washing business is prominent in Nigeria because it is highly needed by automobile owners who don’t have time to wash their cars. 

With a good water supply and essential car cleaning equipment, you can begin washing cars for people.

You can expand to a bigger space where you’ll have a mini eatery for customers to wait. Here you’ll sell drinks, snacks, or football streaming services.

25.  Thrift Shopping

Thrift shoppers buy cheap clothes from the market, repackage, and sell them for higher prices on other platforms to people.

To start this business, buy good second-hand clothes, dry clean to get rid of dirt, repackage and sell them online. You must not have a physical shop to be a thrift shopper.

26. Printing And Branding Business

To start a printing and branding business without machine or skill, secure partnerships with printers, and promote their services online to customers. 

When customers contact you, ask your printers for a quote for the job. If a customer patronizes them, you earn a commission for the referral.

27. Videography And Video Editing

A recent shift from written content to video content and storytelling has caused an increased demand for photographers, video content creators, videographers, and video editors.

If you are skilled in any of these areas, you could start earning from it.  

28. Publish And Sell E-Books

Thanks to self-publishing and the creation of E-books, authors can earn money by publishing books online.

Publishing an Ebook gives you control over the publishing. You’re responsible for writing, editing, formatting, creating a cover, uploading it on Amazon, writing a description for the book, and promoting it. 

29. YouTube Creator

By creating a YouTube channel that is monetized, you can make money online. 

Choose an interesting topic that you are passionate about and create videos on these topics. Ensure that your content is captivating and visually appealing so that you can attract viewers.

When you have enough traffic you can earn money via adverts.

30. Start An Ecommerce Website

With an eCommerce website, you can market some of the businesses we listed in this article if you have any of them.

Similarly, if you sell products offline, an online store will help you reach more customers.

Thanks to sites like WordPress, creating a website online is simple and domain customization is cheap.


Anybody can start a small business in today’s society, and thanks to these 30 profitable and easy business you can start with 50k we listed, low capital will no longer stop your plans. 

Now that you know of these ventures, you can now start creating something for yourself that could grow into a huge fortune in the future.

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