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Lady swaps husband’s sperm for Lover’s during IVF

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A court case has been filed by one Mr Maxim Anokhina, a Russian, against a fertility clinic,Kulakov Medical center in Moscow, for allegedly abetting the swapping of his sperm with his ex-wife Mrs Yana Anokhina during her in vitro fertilization treatment.

The court reports say Yana had admitted that she conspired with the clinic to swap her husband’s sperm because she wanted the love of her life to father her unborn child.

The court also reported that Mr Maxim Anokhina did not know that the child was not his biological son until after the couple’s divorce a year later. DNA tests later proved Yana’s claims to be true.

Mr Anokhina while heartbroken, sued the Moscow clinic for aiding and abetting his ex-wife in swapping his sperm. He lamented that he had loved and supported the boy for a year and was sad that the child is not biologically his.

In his words: “I trusted my wife. I believed her and trusted her, 100 percent. It means that when I was told about it, I was shocked, I was distressed, and I could hardly believe it.”

Mr Anokhina paid for the IVF treatment and donated his sperm with the hopes of being a father soon. The court later awarded Mr Anokhina £4,600 in compensation for his moral and financial damages.

Court reports also revealed that Yana is now in a relationship with her lover, the biological father of her son.

Lady swaps husband's sperm for Lover’s during IVF



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