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Cousins exicted as they legally marry in the U.S (photos)

Amadin Ogbewe



Two first cousins, Angie Lee and Michael Lee have been unable to hide their excitement as they became legally married in Colorado, U.S.A.

The couple who were denied the opportunity to get married in Utah because of a state law, drove to Grand Junction, Colorado, on Monday, to tie the knot at the courthouse.

According to a report by KTVX, Angie’s dad is the oldest of 12 children, while Michael’s mom is the 5th child in the same family.

Utah’s state law asserts that marriages between first cousins are considered incestuous and therefore illegal, unless both are older than 65 — or, if both are older than 55 and either person is infertile.

However, the new couple said Utah’s law is out of date. “We said, ‘OK, this is crazy, but we’re adults now. We’re single now.

We’re just going to go for it, and who cares what our family thinks,’” Angie Lee told KTVX. Michael said the couple wants to get Utah’s law overturned.

Angie revealed to CBS News that she had loved her cousin, Michael, since she was in second grade

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