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Retired Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has strongly advised the current Pontiff, Pope Francis not to continue with his plan to allow some married men become priests.

issued an passionate defense of clerical celibacy, as Pope Francis is considering an exception that would allow some married men to serve as priests.

Benedict made this known via abook that he co-authored with Cardinal Robert Sarah.

“The ability to renounce marriage in order to place oneself fully at the disposal of the Lord has become a criterion for priestly ministry,” Benedict XVI writes.

He also wrote that he believes celibacy carries “great significance” and is “truly essential” as a priest’s path to God becomes the foundation of his life.

“The call to follow Jesus is not possible without this sign of freedom and of renunciation of all commitments.Celibacy must penetrate, with its requirements, all of the attitudes of existence,” he wrote. 

This is coming after some of the pope’s allies sought for celibacy to become an exception starting with the priests in the Amazon. 

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Amadin Ogbewe

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