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Forbidden Passion 2 (Episode 3 )




He’s upset that I was angry but I partially had the right to be. We just slept that night and he left first thing in the morning and I still didn’t talk to him.

“Yeah I was wrong but still a dare” I’m definitely not apologizing I thought. Well my parents will be back today.

“Time to clean up” I said as I was started doing the dishes. The kitchen was a real mess, I haven’t cleaned it up since they left. I was done with the dishes, now for some dusting and sweeping.

It was a really big job but I was determined to do it. I channeled my anger into the chores and in no time I was done. I finally took a shower after it was all done.

“What to wear” I said aloud. I was so lousy so I just picked my jade bra and a matching pant and sat in the living room with my laptop.

“I hope they don’t come now, I just need a little mental peace” I thought.


It’s 10pm. My parents got back like three hours ago. “Man, I love the weekends” I said, they aren’t always home most weekends, I said with a smirk.

I’m drawn to reality by my phone. I think this is the second time it’s ringing.

“Hey Becca” I said as I picked up.

“Iz have you watched that video raging since this morning? I’d send you the link” I’ve been so busy I haven’t really had time with my phone.

“No what’s it about? Please don’t send me the link if it’s just another p*rn video” I scoffed.

“Trust you’d love this one” She said as she ended the call.

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I was laying on my bed with laptop enjoying free WiFi. She kept to her word and sent the link.

After loading it, well it’s… I was speechless. Someone uploaded the video with a caption ” The ones you don’t expect”.

“The f*ck, how could Gerald do this?” I said in fury.

“How come it’s a video?” I said again.

Richard, you filth… My dad is really social. If he sees this video it’d be the death of me. The episode with Richard was out. I still don’t want to believe he did that.

“What should I do first?” I said extremely dumbfounded.

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