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Forbidden Passion




Episode One

It’s Christmas Eve.

The day when usually a lot of teens get pregnant, drunk and wasted or even killed. Mine started off really normal and uneventful. I was told to go to the family’s shop with my grandma and aunty that morning. It was on the most public road in the city.

“It’s going to be a long day” I sighed. Few minutes later, after we had opened the shop, I saw I had missed a call from Gerald, my boyfriend.

“Oh no, he’s calling again” I muttered to myself. Our relationship was still fresh but I had to keep it a secret. Most households in my country consider it disrespectful when their children talk about their relationships or the fact they are even in one. Unfortunately, that was my story. “What do I do now?” I asked myself. I walked out of the shop to take the call and luckily for me, my grandma was busy so she didn’t notice.

He’s close to the shop and he wants to see me.

“Bella, I came all this way to surprise you.” He said. But what do I do now, the harmattan is really serious and the sun is really hot. He’s waiting outside and I can’t leave now, my grandma would get suspicious.

It’s been two hours, my phone is on mute. I saw calls and messages from him. So I had to lie and I left to see him.


We walked to a nearby canteen and sat outside and started talking.

“You really came early” He said sarcastically.

“There was really nothing I could do, next time please just tell me” I said.

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We talked a bit and he held my hand and I felt this tingling sensation. Now he was really close to me and I was staring into the dark brown eyes and I was just smiling. I really couldn’t help it.

“Gerald, if you kiss me in public, I’d hit you, I’m really not a fan of PDA” I said to him. He backed off and we kept talking about random things. I really want everything slow right now, no rush.

I have to go now, my lie is expiring already” I chuckled.

When I got to the shop, no one questioned me but their eyes showed me I was in for a bumpy ride when I get home.

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