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Fresh revelations: How Port Harcourt Serial Killer Gracious West murdered over dozen women in 7 states across Nigeria

Amadin Ogbewe



According to new findings, the Port Harcourt serial killer, Gracious David West, who was finally arrested by the police last week, allegedly murdered over a dozen women across seven countries in Nigeria.

This was made known on Wednesday to the Nation by the Police Public Relations Officer, Rivers state, Nnamdi Omoni, who revealed that West had killed one woman each in Abia, Edo, Ibadan in Oyo, Owerri in Imo, Ikeja in Lagos state where the act started few months ago and nine in Rivers state.

David-West had been apprehended while trying to escape after the public had caught on to his series of killing. 

He was on his way to Uyo, Akwa Ibom state apparently to continue in the evil act, but a viral CCTV video of his last attack got on his way, making his arrest easy.

He confessed to the crime and said he had already killed seven women before he was apprehended.

He has now further confessed to the true number of his victims which he says are 15 in total across 7 states with 9 of them being from his state of origin.

He had also claimed that he had not used the victims for ritual purposes.

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