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How my twin brother was killed and sister gang rap*d – man narrates

Amadin Ogbewe



A man has cried out for justice after his brother was brutally murdered and his sister was rap*d by a group of men who have been caught but are yet to be found guilty. He narrated how the suspects mock himself and his family whenever they see in court. 

He spoke about all that his brother went through at the hands of the perpetrators before he eventually gave in to multiple wounds and torture. 

He also called on anyone to help deliver justice as the case was constantly being adjourned with no end in sight. 

He wrote: 

It is common knowledge to a few that I am a twin but it is arguable if y’all know that I lost my twin in the year 2014 (June 13th) and the perpetrators of the act are yet to be brought to book. On Friday, June 13th-2014, my twin brother(Ephraim Terry Akhere) was ambushed whilst dropping off his sick friend at her house in Ekpoma, Edo State. With her 17 year old younger sister still in the car(Infiniti Jeep, FX 35),  he was surrounded by 3 gunmen whose occupation is car snatching/Kidnapping. The 3 guys blindfolded the both of them and drove them to their hideout which happens to be more or less a forest. 

Firstly, they took possession of his ATM cards,phones and all the cash that was with him(meanwhile they’ve taken possession of his car already). 

Secondly, they asked him to show them the location of the car tracker and for ease he told them the truth that there wasn’t a tracker in his car. 

Thirdly, in their disbelief of not having a car tracker, they beat him up. In the course of beating him, they offered him rat poison to eat which he refused. In the course of his refusal, they broke his head, broke his ribs with stones and iron rods, stabbed him on different parts of his body and in the midst of his tears and pleas,they still kept beating him with planks, stones, bottles and iron rods till he became unconscious.

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Fourthly, in his unconscious state, just because they found out he was still breathing and holding strong to his life, they tied the innocent boy up, got a well filled with water, threw him inside and watched him drown to death. WHAT A LIFE!!!

Fifthly, remember the young 17 year old virgin that was with him? The 3 guys took turns on the poor innocent girl. They penetrated her through her vagina and anus simultaneously. THEY GANG RAP*D THE LITTLE GIRL.

In less than a month after the incidence, everyone involved in the act were caught. 

Inclusive were the gun supplier, their boss and the car receiver making a total of 7 of them.

Solomon Abuede, James Monday, Kelvin Edward, Sunday Oviasogie, David Williams, Ebhotemen Bourdillion and Monday Ezomo. 

 Since 2014, this case has been in court with no conviction yet. One of the 7 was released on bail last year owing to a flimsy ill health excuse.

You don’t have to be told that this is a case I can die for.Justice must prevail. 

I have been depressed for almost 5 years.I go to court almost every month and get to see the killers all smiling and pointing fingers on me and my family. Yes they are still bold enough to threaten.

The court has all the evidence, the then 17 year old girl who is now 22 has narrated what was done to her right before the Judge, the gun used to ambush them has been presented to the court, the police men has given their part of the story.

For almost 5 yrs, it has been a case of constant adjournments. The Nigerian judicial system has proved to be porous. My family has spent a lot of money and still spending. My dad keeps traveling almost every week, at a time,I and the young girl were flying in and out of Edo weekly

More often than not, we have had to book emergency flights on some sittings only to get another adjournment. 


As a parent, you should imagine the tears of my mother who lost her “just graduated” medical doctor or the agony of my father who has worked so hard to see his son through medical school only to loose him to a set of unfortunate bastards.

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please and please, we need justice. This could be anybody. My late twin needs to rest. Help me get justice. Help my family smile again. Help me think differently. Help my twin Rest In Peace.

I cannot write here what I go through daily. I cannot tell you how sober I have become. I cannot tell narrate to you the pain of loosing an identical twin. 

Getting Justice will be the greatest gift I’ll ever get in my life.

Please help me get help. Help me share, repost, tag the right people that can help, inform the CJN, inform the government of Edo State, inform the president of Nigeria, inform every human right and law agency.

The only way you can help me out of this pain is to help me get justice. We are tired of waiting. This case needs to end. 

I may be a stranger to you but who knows what will happen tomorrow?

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