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Nigerian cross dresser, James Brown has come out to debunk the claim that he is HIV Positive.

Recall that the cross dresser went viral in 2017 when he was paraded alongside other young men for allegedly engaging in homosexual acts.

During his interview by the media he declared that he was HIV positive and should thus be let go, so that he could take his anti-retroviral medication.

However, the singer has come out via an Instagram post to clarify the notion that he is HIV Positive citing that he only said he was HIV positive so he could be exonerated.

He posted :

I don’t know why people think I’m HIV positive, the simple mistake I did trying to save my self is hurting me



Agbonma Jason

Agbonma Jason is a Doctor in training who loves to write, he's a lover of God, an entrepreneur and a news reporter at Dockaysworld

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