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Juventus boss Sarri vows to stop smoking after it was discovered he takes 80 sticks per day

Odiase Osayande



Ex-Chelsea boss Mauruzio sarri has vowed to quit smoking after it was discovered he averages around four packets of cigarettes a day.

During Tuesday’s press conference on the club’s pre-season tour of China, the Juventus boss has pledged to quit smoking all together.

A journalist in the press area asked: “We all know you are crazy for cigars. Have you ever smoked Chinese cigars or cigarettes?”

Sarri, clearly fed up with the same old question, surprised the room when he responded: “Let’s say I am quitting smoking. I am quitting. Enough!”

According to reports, the Italian gets through 80 cigarettes a day.

That means if he’s awake for 16 hours then Sarri will smoke five an hour. That is a cigarette every 12 minutes.

Reporters worked out that if a pack costs £11.50, then the Chelsea manager smokes £46 of his salary every day.

That works out at a hefty £1,400 every month. Madness.!

Sarri admitted that he rarely feels the urge to smoke during games, but “it really is necessary” after the full-time whistle.

“I don’t particularly feel the need to smoke during games, but straight afterwards it really is necessary,” he said.

“I had back problems tormenting me for weeks, but I feel much better now.


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