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Lady divorces husband after discovering he doesn’t have manhood

Amadin Ogbewe



A lady has separated from her husband after he was unable to consummate the marriage due to a lack of reproductive organ.

A twitter user went on the platform to reveal how one of his village brothe lost his wife because he had no penis due to a birth defect.

According to him the lady had been advised to bear the man a child via his brother but she opted to end the marriage instead. 

The twitter user advised women to always make sure a man was intact before saying yes to their proposal. 

He wrote: 

A lady just separated from one of my village brothers. The reason/cause: Inability to consummate the Union; he was born with a defect (no penis). She’s persuaded to bear him children via his brother. Ladies please check him before you say Yes.

I’m told there’s something there but it’s not complete. A deformity from birth which his parents concealed until he got to over 30.

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