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Lust For Love




Episode One

Oh Brenda, you are sick…” I said at the top of my voice. What else should I expect from having the craziest girl in school as my bestie.

“Brenda, Brenda get a grip…” I yelled again, but this time dragging her from the dude she’s canoodling with. She acts like a whore sometimes but deep down she’s just broken. She still can’t live with the fact that Carter broke up with her because of curvy bitchy Melissa.“It’s a party girl, what else did you expect to happen Mandy” Brenda scoffed, breaking free of my grip and she’s off again. This is why I hate the weekends, Brenda never lets me just stay home to watch my favorite movie marathons. “Shopping this week, Ian’s party the next and now the biggest club in the neighborhood, Oh Brenda…” I sighed.

The smell from this place is pungent. The mixture of different alcohol and the deafening music blasting the room from the speakers,the chatter of people at the top of their voices. And now, the smell of cigarettes and wraps of burnt weed. Most people just come here to get high or laid but why I’m here is still a mystery to me.

“Mandy” Brenda draws me from my thoughts. “Yes, Bree, I responded and noticed she’s with another guy.
“This is Simon, he’s been watching from a distance, literally…” She smirks at me. And now to the guy, “make sure you don’t undress her with your thoughts” she said giggling and whoosh! She’s off again but I don’t find it funny.
“What does Brenda want? Random hook-ups now? I said a little tad loud and I don’t know if I should address him as a gentleman but he is silently accessing every curve in my body and it’s not as subtle as he thinks. His presence is already making my skin crawl.

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* * * * * * *
” H_____ey…what’s your name again? I asked trying to play coy.
“Simon…he responded with a surprisingly deep and sexy tone and now looking at him, he’s not that cute just a little above average as I like it.
Right now, I can’t tell if this drink is making me triple pumped about his physique. I think Brenda put some things in it. But damn it, I think I am already getting h**rny, thoughts are running through my head like a mosquito in a septic tank.
He’s a college grad and now he’s looking for a job, he sent applications out at least that’s what he told me.
” Damn, I love dark skinned guys and he’s 28, a little too old for me but Brenda always say “older guys have the touch”.
Will I find that out tonight or am I too plain to have a one night stand?

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