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Nigeria football Legend, Segun Odegbami
has alleged that the Country’s football
league is the most corrupt in the world.

According to the 1980 AFCON winner, ‘No true winner has ever emerged, the league is buying of results.’

“For years now, the Nigeria league is the most corrupt league in the world, you bribe officials in the office, you bribe referees every week and everywhere, teams don’t
win by merit, so, corruption is everywhere,”

“If you look at it as an isolated thing, the country itself has a reputation of being corrupt, so, let us fix the problem of
Nigeria and you won’t have the cases of ordinary coaches who are hungry, who don’t have jobs involved in corruption scandal.

“As I just told you, it is a generic problem, it’s not one person’s problem, corruption is all over the place. We are celebrating it as a people,” He concluded.

Odiase Osayande

Odiase Osayande is a senior sports Reporter at Dockaysworld. He's turning football into words and telling the best stories about the beautiful game to fans stateside and worldwide.

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