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Nigerian atheist burns Bible to ‘prove’ it’s powerlessness

Amadin Ogbewe



A Nigerian atheist has decided to ‘prove’ to the public on social media that the Bible is powerless by burning a copy of the Holy book.

The self proclaimed atheist decided to perform the experiment and stated that the results were a bigger account balance after a week and that nothing had happened to him.

The act has been ridiculed by Nigerians who feel he needn’t have disrespected a religion to prove his own beliefs.

Below is what he shared online;

“Before now they will tell me there’s power in the bible, after I burnt my bible they are now telling me my days are numbered as if they are going to live forever. Christians are one set of confused people confusing themselves the more with each passing day.

I’m still waiting for the power in the bible to manifest itself. One week now and counting. My bank balance just keeps getting fatter.


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