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A young Nigerian lady identified as Zulfah Abdulazeez, has revealed no Football Club are interested in signing her because she wears a hijab.

Zulfah is a skillful attacker who began playing football at a very young age.

She has played multiple Football competitions and emerged the Best Female Footballer in the Etisalat 5-Aside Female competition organised in the University of Ilorin in 2015.

“I started playing football when I was young, I played among guys till I grew up, my passion for football was exceptional, it’s like my daily bread

“My dad doesn’t like his female child playing ball because of the way we dress on the pitch so he stopped me from playing ball for good nine years.

“I got encouraged by a friend just like a brother to me not to give up when he saw me training after nine years, he was the first person to buy me a boot, his nickname is ‘Ginger’ since then I started training without my dad’s knowledge.

“He caught me one day and he nearly beat me to death, that was when my grandma stopped my dad from discouraging me to play football

“Since then, my dad gave me a condition of playing with my Hijab as a Muslim child, he’s my father, I have to respect him. Initially, I wasn’t comfortable but as time goes on I got used to it

“Because of my Hijab, I find it difficult to get a club here in Nigeria, no club wants to accept me because of my Hijab, I don’t have much experience playing with females because no team wants to sign me with Hijab so I keep training with guys up till today.

Zulfah dream is to represent the super falcons of Nigeria in the future.

Odiase Osayande

Odiase Osayande is a senior sports Reporter at Dockaysworld. He's turning football into words and telling the best stories about the beautiful game to fans stateside and worldwide.

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