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Peter Okoye, ex-member of the defunct P-Square, has revealed the reason why he picked his wife and kids over his relationship with his brothers Jude and Paul Okoye.

Peter, also known as Mr. P, said he has now chosen his immediate family over his brothers and owes no one apology.

He spoke in an interview with actress, Nancy Isime on Hip TV.

Mr. P, advised anybody who feels bad that he chose his wife and kids over his brothers and also wants to stop listening to his music because of it, to do so.

He claimed that one should never betray their family, hence he could not give up his family for a relationship with his brothers.

He said, 

“It comes to a point in your life when you said…’this is it.’

“I want to be from this to that and from that to this. [All the things that are happening now] I had always wanted to do them.

“I wish I had done them years back. As it is if anyone is feeling bad because I decided to choose by wife and kids over my brothers… I chose them and I rather be with them.

“They’re my family and I can’t betray them and I don’t hide it. If any feels bad because I chose my family over my brothers and decides not to listen to my songs or follow, then they should go ahead.”

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