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See reactions after DJ Khaled’s ‘amazing’ response to Nigerian artist who drew his son

Amadin Ogbewe



There have been widespread reactions since DJ Khaled responded to a Nigerian artist who drew a picture of his son Ashad.

The young Nigerian artist who made the drawing had posted it on twitter asking followers to retweet till DJ Khaled saw it.

Luck shined on him as the popular DJ saw and responded to the tweet. The excitement was however short lived as Khaled’s response was a single word: Amazing

This caused Nigerians to react as they had expected a different response. 

Recall, another Nigerian artist had drawn a picture of American comedian, Kevin Hart who responded by buying the painting  and helping the artist get jobs painting 3 other celebrities. 

When DJ Khaled failed to respond similarly, Nigerians began to question him while others advised him to buy the painting.

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See reactions below

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