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Singer, Simi has gone on social media to blast social media politics after the recent blow out between Banky W and the twitter community where he was labeled ‘Nivea rollon head’ for airing his views.

The newly wedded Simi took to twitter to point out that social media politics in Nigeria was a problem because a majority hid behind anonymity to focus on irrelevancies while the real issues were not addressed. 

She said that no one understood how bad and backward we had become due to the inability to focus on the things that mattered.

She ended her outburst on a realistic note as she admitted that some unknown person would probably pick out the irrelevant parts of her message.

She wrote:

“My issue with social media politics in Nig is we get so carried away by the anonymous power social media gives us, that we tend to waste so much time focusing on the least important things. Things that basically have no long term impact. Meanwhile, the country is on fire 🙂

Social media is a drug. U always want a fix. Whatever is trending, you jump on – whether or not it makes sense to, you jump on it, because everyone else is jumping on it. Make a spectacle out of it. Until the next fix.

The world is leaving Nigeria behind for an entire day you will never get back, you can say you’ve been able to talk extensively about someone’s head. Because you disagree with his opinion. It’s mind-numbingly sad. 🙂

If it’s not someone’s head. It’s someone’s English. Or something so incredibly irrelevant. It’s always something irrelevant. I don’t think we understand how bad things are.

We don’t see how deep the rut we’re in is. Lol. Cos if we did see…boy!

Also, as usual, some sad little person will pick all the irrelevant things about this tweets and it’ll be another day, another fix.

Because that’s what we do.

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