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Singer Simi has taken down her video for the #fvckyouchallenge and apologized for offending people with tribal marks after she was called out by model Adetutu.

Adetutu, had reacted to Simi’s choice to use the phrase: “sè mo kòlá ní” which literally can be translated from the Yoruba Language as “Do I look stupid?” is quite derogatory.

The phrase which also means “Do I look like I have tribal marks?”  did not sit well with the model.

In response Simi swiftly took down the video and apologized to all who were offended by her use of words. She urged Nigerians to be empathetic towards others and get rid of parts of our culture that are insensitive.

She wrote: 

I don’t want this to trend for the wrong reasons please. Let’s not only advocate for the things that directly affect us. Lezzz keep it moving. I’ma make many many more lit covers insha Allah. Na the work wey we dey do ☺️💙

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