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Student loses N800k to scammers after using ATM card for NYSC mobilization

Amadin Ogbewe



A final year student has been scammed of N800,000 after processing a Remitta payment for NYSC mobilization with his ATM card. 

The final year student of Pharmacy said the info or description of the transaction was KingsPay PTSK. 

He also revealed that the last time he used his ATM was for the NYSC mobilization. 

He tweeted;

I’m a final year student of pharmacy. Yesterday morning by 5, got a string of alerts from @ZenithBank ; almost all the money from my savings account summing up to 810,405 naira was cleared out from my account. The only info or description of the transaction was KingsPay PTSK.

I thought I was dreaming when I was getting the alerts, it all happened in less than a minute. As I brought out my phone to log in my mobile app and deactivate the Mastercard, the last 200k was cleared out remaining 50k which I quickly transferred to my @FirstBankngr account

I quickly called the bank’s customer care, I was told my card details were compromised which I found very confusing because I don’t give out my card to anyone. I told them that an OTP or my pin or even both is usually requested for anytime I want to carry out any web transactions

The customer care agent said that the merchant site in this case kingspay determines the mode of authorization and some don’t necessarily require it. I was shocked because these were the same people promising security on my funds and yet the transaction didn’t raise any flags

The customer care agent said to go to my bank and file a formal complaint and the bank will ‘advise’ me. I am here severely depressed and pained cos the money was built over a very long period of time and through hardwork from businesses.

The amount may not be in millions but realize it was basically all I had and I’ve accumulated for years while in school and it also consisted of business transaction funds. I’m calling on anyone who can help get the culprits @ZenithBank @officialEFCC @segalink

The only web transaction done that day with the card was through @RemitaNET to print @JAMBHQ result slip for nysc mobilization. I imputed all card details on their website. I don’t know if the security leak is from their site because..

@ZenithBank I cannot even see my history anymore and I’m seeing zero balance on dates before today, how possible is that? All evidence of the transaction is no longer visible from my zenith mobile app. Zenith bank, kindly resolve this issue and process a reversal

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