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The Demon’s Lust




Episode One

“My name is Ciara and this is my story

Demons are pedalling blood again Raziel”…Ithuriel said.

“Get the your team ready we’d leave now”… Raziel replied.


“Ah, ah Abbadon it’s ha… And he shuts me up with a kiss. I’m left with just my bra and something hot and hard touches my pants and before I knew it, it’s in. He was hitting so hard it was hurting my left wing but the pain was sort of turning me on. I bit his lip and tore his shirt and starting caressing his chest with my lips. I started moaning at the top of my voice but no one could hear me because I was in the bathroom at a very loud party.”

Few minutes later,

I clean a bit and I’m searching for my next victim.

“Angels, I heard the guy by me say in digust”… They killed most demons and rounded up the rest. They tied our wings with some metal shackles so we couldn’t run or fly away. But one of the angels was standing close to me, I walked closer a bit in my heels and kicked him right in the groin.

“What the… Holding his d**k in pain, he moves close to me some other angels were already pinning me down.

“What’s your name?” He asked.

“Ciara, daughter of the prince of Edom” I replied.

“You sure seem happy about it” He said.

“Let’s just say I’m pleased” I replied.


“Now tell me why were you at the pandemonium”… He asked looking rather sharp.

“I was there for a friend so you have no right to detain me… Tell me what you want. I can make all your efforts worthwhile…But I’m getting tired of your face where are the other angels, the handsome ones I mean”… I said with a smirk.

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Demons are so pointless and unorganized but there’s something about you that’s not adding up. Why are demons killing mundanes?

“Spit it out, C..” he said

“Ciara… That’s the name and if you are going to yell untie me so I can shut that mouth of yours what ever way you want. By the way you should watch your tone in the presence of a lady you know. What’s your name by the way?”

“I don’t have time for this meaningless flirting right now I have to leave… he told me before he walked out.

He’s a bit hot and interesting, I am definitely going to break him. That’s the fun.

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