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Video: 2019 Rolls Royces, Benzes and G-wagons everywhere as Igbo boys storm the village

Amadin Ogbewe



A video has surfaced online of a multitude of expensive and extravagant cars including Rolls Royce, Mercedes Benz C class and G wagons driven to the village by rich Igbo boys. 

The video shows the extravagant cars at an event happening at a village. The costliness of the cars contrasted the red sand upon which it was parked.

Igbo boys who are normally prudent except when returning to the village during the end of year celebrations did not hesitate to show off their new toys. 

When one returns home, one must present ‘wetin dem gain’ or so the Igbo boys thought. Some Nigerians reacted to the video by asking the Igbo boys to develop their village instead of buying cars and others responded by asking “Are they the Government?”

Click to watch the video below 

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