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Video: ‘You’re not a Gorilla, you’re a monkey’ veteran soldiers tell cadet as they push him off a tall building

Amadin Ogbewe



A video has begun to circulate online of a couple of veteran soldiers pushing a young cadet off a tall building during a training exercise/ drill as they teased him for not displaying courage to jump himself.

A young cadet popularly known as ‘Gorilla’ by his comrades seemed to lose his confidence when it was time to jump off a building as part of a military drill. Even strapped in with safety belts, young ‘Gorilla’ refused to jump.

This prompted the veteran soldiers to tease the scared cadet who requested to be pushed as he said he didn’t have enough courage for that day like he had on other days.

“Courage is not seasonal, either you have it or you don’t” a soldier told him. They had refused to push the young cadet hoping to elevate his confidence with words. When this proved abortive, the soldiers gave in to the cadet’s request and pushed him.

Click to watch video below 

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