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Watch moment Uber driver flogged female passenger with whip (video)

Amadin Ogbewe



A video of an Uber driver delivering a beating via a whip to his female passenger whom he forced out of his car, has begun to go viral.

In the video, the enraged driver could be seen shouting at the passenger who was accompanied by two others, to exit the car.

He began to viciously flog the lady when they declined coming down from the car as one of them recorded the incidence. 

After the incident, the same Uber driver allegedly threatened the lady who happened to be an undergraduate via text message. 

He wrote to her;

I will find u and come to ur department or faculty to report you… u will explain why u av to involve my family wen calling me. Asides that i will take some legal measures if y ain’t wise, i will teach u how to be wise!!!!

See photo

Watch video below 

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