What is A Rainbow Kiss


What is a rainbow kiss?

We have to be honest, when we heard the term “Rainbow Kiss” we thought it sounded like one of those things couples do in Pride Parades of the LGBTQIA (Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Queer/Questions, Intersex, and Asexual or Ally) community in America.

And you can forgive our ignorance because the rainbow is literally the colours of the LGBT community flag.

But now we’ve been properly introduced to this term and seen what it truly means, we can confidently tell you that rainbow kiss is not a pride parade thing or the name of a lipstick shade, it is in fact a type of kiss shared during what we can only describe as one of the most intimate and albeit unusual sexual situations.

Without further dragging out the risk of sounding like we are explaining this to our conservative parents who are probably going to kill us for writing this, we will just get right to what a rainbow kiss is. A rainbow kiss is what happens when a woman who has just given a man oral sex and man who has just gone down on a woman on her period kiss.

That mixture of menstrual blood and semen is what gives off a rainbow colour, ergo rainbow kiss.

On the question of whether this type of kissing is gross or a pleasurable sexual act? Or if you would do this or let your partner do it to you, we’ll leave that in your hands. While you make up your mind, we’ll be dropping some facts about rainbow kiss, like what it is, if it is safe, the medical complications it entails, why people are into it, if there are variations of the rainbow kiss, and things you should know before you engage in it.

Rainbow Kiss Facts:

  • What Is A Rainbow Kiss?
  • Is Rainbow Kiss Safe?
  • Medical Risks Involved In Rainbow Kiss
  • How Is The Rainbow Kiss Performed?
  • Why Are People Into Rainbow Kiss?
  • Are There Rainbow Kiss Variations?
  • What Else Do You Need To Know Before You Engage In A Rainbow Kiss?

What Is A Rainbow Kiss?

A Rainbow Kiss is a kiss shared between a woman menstruating and her male partner, after they have performed oral sex on each other, and the blood and semen in their mouths mix together to give off a rainbow colour (according to sex enthusiasts). This kiss is done after ejaculation or if they’ve been pleasuring each other in a 69 position up until orgasm.

In some ways, the position for a Rainbow Kiss is a lot like Snowballing where partners swap semen back and forth in their mouths, until it becomes round and thick like a snowball as the size of the semen shot or ball increases after it has been mixed with extra saliva.

The difference in Rainbow kiss is that it happens only when a woman is in her period and gets oral sex at the same time, so instead of semen and vaginal discharge being exchanged, blood and semen is.

Is Rainbow Kiss Safe?

Rainbow kiss no matter how sweet and innocent the name sounds, may not be the safest thing to do with your sexual partner, especially if they are someone you don’t know, this is because the risks of you contracting HIV, Syphilis, and Hepatitis which is contained in semen or period blood is greater when it is with someone who has other sexual partners besides you.

If you must do the rainbow kiss, do it with a healthy partner and make sure that you are also healthy, as you can easily pass and contract STI Or STD. Don’t do a rainbow kiss if you are not sure of your partner’s STD status or yours and ask for consent first before fluid is exchanged.

Medical Risks Involved In Rainbow Kiss

People engaging or planning to engage in Rainbow kiss, should know the medical risks it truly entails and should also be informed that there is nothing harmless about it.

The medical risks involved in Rainbow kiss include:

  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV) (can cause throat/mouth cancers)
  • Herpes simplex virus
  • HIV
  • Syphilis
  • Chlamydia
  • Diarrhea
  • Dysentery
  • Gonorrhea

The warnings behind the medical implications of a rainbow kiss are clear and you should also know that this act is mainly all the risks of oral sex plus the menstrual blood involved.

How Is The Rainbow Kiss Performed?

Rainbow Kiss involves the “69” sex position, menstrual blood, semen, and kissing. While some people prefer to do it by taking turns on giving each other oral sex, orders prefer to rainbow kiss after having sex in the “69” position.

An rainbow kiss can be unplanned and accidentally happen if the woman gets her period during oral sex or it could be planned between the couple so that they can hold the blood and semen in their mouths after oral sex so that they can do the kiss. One hack is for you and your partner to finish at the same time, so that you don’t hold the blood or semen too long in your mouths.

Another hack for rainbow kiss is to use  flavored lube so as to add a new dimension to their sensory play.

Why Are People Into Rainbow Kiss?

Lately, the term “Rainbow Kiss” has been all over social media, and if you have heard it before, that’s probably why.  There are hundreds of Twitter feeds and threads from doctors mentioning this act and the #rainbowkiss has 1.6 million views on TikTok.

While many people have heard of it, or thought that it would be the thing needed to make their sex life more interesting, some people could care less about it and really, isn’t it just up to people’s sexual preferences? Some people want a mouth full of period blood, and others just want it in the vagina where it belongs.

A rainbow kiss is not every one’s cup of tea, and rightly so because not every couple must the latest sex style every other couple is enjoying.  Some couples think that a rainbow kiss is what they need to spice up their sex life and others think that experimenting that is simply not to their taste and that is okay on both sides.

For couples engaging in or planning to engage in rainbow kisses,   nothing says they accept their partner’s body like this act, especially for the woman as a lot of people find period blood gross. Sharing a rainbow kiss shows you are comfortable with and respect both you and your partner’s body.

As long both partners are consenting adults then there is nothing wrong with doing this during sex and although it sounds strange, a rainbow kiss is just as normal as other sexual kinks and fetishes people use to spice up their sex life, and it may be a good idea for adventurous and kinky couples.

Another good reason why people engage in rainbow kissing is due to the fact that orgasms relieve menstrual pain so you will actually be helping out your partner and yourself.

Whether popular or not, Rainbow Kiss is the latest way couples use to measure their partner’s acceptance of their positive and negative and how far they would go to increase intimacy and open up themselves to new pleasurable activities.

Are There Rainbow Kiss Variations?

There are no other variations of the Rainbow kiss, as no other form of penetrative or oral sex activity is like it.

Even if it involves 69 sex position, it exchanges blood and semen, unlike a regular 69 which just deals with semen.

What Else Do You Need To Know Before You Engage In A Rainbow Kiss?

All sexual activities are risky especially if done with multiple sexual partners, but Rainbow kiss, because it involves swapping blood and semen mouth to mouth, carries more risk.

If you are going to do the rainbow kiss, here are other things you need to know before doing so – take prescribed precautions such as knowing their STI or STD status and getting tested for HIV and other infectious diseases when performing any sexual acts including a rainbow kiss with a new partner, only give and receive oral sex during menstruation if you and your partner is comfortable with doing, that don’t let anyone pressure you into doing something you don’t want to do, if you focus on clitoral stimulation instead of penetrating with your tongue you may not get any blood on your mouth (this is if you want to make your partner feel good on their period without the bloody parts), do a rainbow kiss on a dark-colored sheet or towels to avoid bloodstain and mess, and use latex or non-latex gloves if you will be fingering your woman.

The Rainbow Kiss, more than pleasure and intimate kisses after climax, should involve trust between the partners in a relationship and none should be put more at risk than the other while doing it

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