What is a VPN – How it works and Best VPN to Use


A Virtual Private Network (VPN), is what allows you to securely connect to another network over the internet, and provides you with online privacy and anonymity while you browse, by creating a private network space for you from a public internet connection.


Using a VPN to browse can be helpful if you live in a country like Nigeria where the government banned all access to Twitter, as it allows you to bypass geographic restrictions on Twitter by setting your location to another country where Twitter isn’t restricted.

Other reasons why you may want to use a VPN are, it protects your internet activity when you use public WiFi networks, it unblocks access to country-restricted platforms like Netflix and Disney+, as an employer, you can use VPN to keep remote employees from any part of the world connected on the same local network, VPN masks your IP address so that your location can’t be seen by websites you visit, and it blocks malicious websites, ads, and trackers.


In this article, we will further explore how a VPN works, why you shouldn’t use free VPN, and 7 best VPNs for Chrome.


How Does A VPN Work?


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The idea of using a VPN to browse is new territory for some people, but browsing with one isn’t as complicated as it seems. If you are thinking about using one, here is a breakdown of how a VPN works:


  • When you have signed up with your preferred VPN provider, you first log onto their server before connecting to the internet.


  • VPN will create a safe and private tunnel between your computer and the internet that protects your data and hides your IP (Internet Protocol) address and real location from others.


  • Once connected to a VPN provider’s server, you can browse without others seeing your activity, and your internet traffic goes through this encrypted tunnel no one else on the internet can access before it gets to the rest of the internet.


  • Your VPN provider encrypts whatever data you feed to the internet and scrambles it so that third parties like hackers, your internet service provider, businesses, and government agencies can’t gain information on your sent messages, social media sites, or downloaded files.


  • VPN can also be used to access contents that are only available in specific countries, but not yours. This is because VPN leads streaming services to think that you are based in another country where access isn’t restricted.

Why You Should Not Use FREE VPN


As VPN becomes more popular, thousands of free VPNs are already springing up to promise users a safe browsing experience, which is completely free of charge.


But, as tempting as it sounds to use a free VPN, especially since paid VPNs are expensive to maintain, you should know that free VPNs come with their own set of problems and can cost you something more valuable than money.


Free VPNs are dangerous to use and are ridden with unethical providers, who in a bid to cover costs and make a profit, use hidden tools and tricks to make money off you.


If you plan to or are already using one, these are reasons why you should not use a free VPN.


  1. Data Harvesting

VPN providers will use your data like age, gender, and location for advertising purposes. They’ll send you targeted ads based on your browsing habits.


  1. Free VPN Will Sell Your Personal Information

Free VPNs log your Internet Usage; what sites you visit and what you do on them, this means they won’t mask your footprint on the internet as a VPN should.


Some VPN providers sell your personal information and every other detail about you they can get to the highest bidder on black markets.


  1. Poor Security

Most Free VPNs don’t have enough money to get good security for users, so they’ll definitely cut corners or make security mistakes that can be exploited by a third party.


Most free VPNs were reported to have allowed people’s device’s cameras, microphones, and GPS to be tracked and stolen.


  1. Malicious ADS

Free VPN providers will flood the websites you visit with pay-per-view ADS that are dangerous and contain viruses that’ll attack your devices and breach your privacy.


  1. Can’t Unblock Restricted Sites

Most free VPNs lack the capacity to unblock restricted sites such as Netflix or certain Youtube videos, so when you use them on these sites, you still get the error message that you are locked out.


The 7 Best VPN for Chrome


  • NordVPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • Private Internet Access
  • IPVanish
  • CyberGhost VPN
  • SurfSharks
  • Proton VPN

Google Chrome is the most popular browser, making it the most commonly used and the most susceptible to security risks.


For VPNs that can protect your identity from third-party surveillance, provide security against adware and malware, easily change and mask your IP location, and secure you from public Wi-Fi hackers, these are the best 7 VPN for Chrome.


  1. Nordvpn

NordVPN is the easiest VPNs to use, for both first-time and existing users, as it is not complicated and does most of the work for you after you’ve signed in and connected to the server.


Nord offers protection for all your devices, it works for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, and Android TV, and has encrypted proxy extensions for Chrome and Firefox.


NordVPN provides you with a secure internet connection, it has a no-log policy that won’t keep tabs on your browsing activity or steal your data, a dedicated IP address just for you, and 24/7 support.


  1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN offers you an all-access pass to global content and enables you to get your favorite shows and apps wherever you go by breaking through geoblocks.


It will protect you, while you’re performing simple tasks like shopping online or when connecting to public Wi-Fi, and does well to secure and hide your personal information.


ExpressVPN has an incredibly fast network, but one of the real gems of this VPN is its Network Lock kill switch which safeguards your data if your VPN connection drops, and prevents sensitive information from getting out, by blocking all online traffic until protection is restored.


  1. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is one of the recommended VPNs you should definitely be using for your Chrome browser.


PIA offers cheap subscription plans that won’t mess with your budget for the month and has a standing 30-days money-back guarantee you can utilize.


This VPN accepts payments made with Starbucks, BestBuy, and Walmart gift cards, and in the form of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, etc, and offers a free email breach monitor that you’ll get when you subscribe to their server.


Private Internet Access VPN is used by big companies like Forbes, CBS News, and Business Insider.


  1. IPVanish

IPVanish is a VPN that offers you the anonymity and privacy you need when browsing.


This VPN is packed with features like uncrackable advanced encryption that secures your personal data, secure connection to online content from anywhere without blocks, online anonymity that helps you avoid ISP tracking, and unmetered connections that safeguard any device you own.


Its features can mask your IP address and identity on the internet and it can also secure the data backed up on your cloud.


IPVanish is trusted by companies like  Forbes, PCMAG, Tech Radar, CNN, HuffPost, US News and World Reports, Digital Trends.


  1. CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN prides itself as The ultimate VPN service for Chrome, and as the name implies you essentially become a ghost on the internet when using this VPN as it uses features like its best-in-class VPN protocols and encryption standards to keep you untraceable and anonymous online from hackers and snoopers when using unsecured Wi-Fi networks.


CyberGhost is committed to keeping your privacy safe and anonymous as you use their servers, securing all your devices, safeguarding your information, unrestricted access to stream content, and providing you with fast and secure downloading is something they have done well for 15 years.


  1. Surfshark

Surfshark is where you can get the best VPN subscription deals, and for a minimal price you gain access to the numerous benefits which are covered in the subscription plan.


Using Surfshark opens up your browsing experience to rare premium perks like 30 Netflix libraries you can use to enjoy the Netflix from the US and 15 other countries without ever having to visit those places, a Whitelister that lets certain apps and websites bypass VPN connection; a feature which is great for internet banking, and a CleanWeb that protects you from phishing and malware attempts and blocks ads and trackers.



  1. Proton VPN

Proton VPN was designed by the makers of  Proton mail, the world’s largest secure email.


This VPN is trustworthy, as it was designed to protect activists and journalists, so you can rest assured that it won’t sell your data or expose you to third parties.


With Proton, journalists and activists can bypass internet censorship; you too can enjoy this same privilege by gaining access to restricted websites and content.


There is no hidden agenda with this VPN, as it is open source which means the source code is available to the public and its security can be verified by anyone.



When choosing a VPN to use for your browser, it is important that you go for a good provider like the ones we’ve mentioned in this article so that your personal information won’t be compromised and you can reap the full benefits that come with using a VPN to browse.

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