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You made it in music business with this voice? – Speed Darlington mocks Don Jazzy, he replies

Amadin Ogbewe



Speed Darlington has gone on his Instagram page to mock music producer and Mavin boss, Don Jazzy for being successful in the music business with his voice. 

Speedy said that if Don Jazzy despite his not-so-good voice, made it in the music industry, then he can make it too.

In a video he posted on his Instagram page, Speedy mentioned that if Don Jazzy could be living the best life with proceeds from music, despite his ‘croaky voice’, then he is sure he will be alright and it is just a matter of time.

He captioned the video:

‘for sure my future in music industry is solid see voice and yet this guy has a very nice house or at least afford to rent in a clean neighborhood drives nice cars with this voice? I will be alright I know that for sure. Shout out to @donjazzy’.

Don Jazzy ‘endorsed’ the tweets by replying with emojis which implied he took it all in good fun. 

See screenshots 

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