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Young man sells kidney to buy iPhone, ends up disabled

Amadin Ogbewe



A young man who sold his kidney to buy an iPhone has become disabled after complications from the surgery according to reports from Chinese media. 

The 25-year-old man, known by his surname Wang, had his kidney removed while he was 17 years old in 2011. He had the operation at an underground clinic before selling it on the black market for 22,000 yuan (£2,528). 

When the latest iPhone and iPads were released in 2011, the 17 year old had wanted to be part of the trend and as his parents were unable to afford the extravagant gadgets, the teenager took matters into his own hand and found 3 middle men on a Chinese chatting platform QQ who told him a kidney was the cost of the gadgets. 

Wang secretly travelled from Anhui Province – one of China’s poorest provinces. Upon his arrival, the middlemen introduced the boy to two surgeons, one surgeon’s assistant and one nurse, all of who worked at local hospitals and were moonlighting.

According to at the time, Wang’s right kidney was removed and slide to a patient by the middlemen illegally for 150,000 yuan (£17,258) as well as $10,000 (£7,860) for the organ. Wang was given only 22,000 yuan which was 10% of the proceeds. 

The boy immediately bought an iPhone 4 and an iPad 2 with the money before returning to Anhui Province.

Wang’s mother realized what had happened after she saw her son with the gadgets. She then called the police. 

Wang’s health deteriorated as the operation was not properly done. He suffered renal deficiency and later became disabled.

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    as you are now disabled watin u gain?

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