Youth stage protest as 6-year-old boy drown to death after falling into exposed drainage in uselu benin city (video)

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The youth around Uselu Benin City, have staged a protest in response to the death of a 6-year-old boy who died yesterday after falling into an exposed drainage hole while it rained in the area.

Dockaysworld gathered that boy alongside his mother both fell into the hole which was coverved by water while they were trying to seek shelter from the heavy down pour yesterday.

Unluckily for the boy he was swiflty carried away by the fast running water while his mother was rescued by a good citizen.

The body of the young boy was found later at a distant location but had no life in it.

It was also gathered that the young boy was set to graduate from primary school in a fews day when the incident occured.

The angry youth then came out in solidarity to protest the tragic incident.

Road blocks were mounted hindering movement for hours.

They vowed not to leave the scene untill the government start making effort to repair the roads which are in a deplorable condition at the state’s capital.

No statement has been realsed so far by the government.


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