Zahra Buhari reacts as Dino Melaye suggests that the President needs to visit a hospital for ‘checkup’(video)

Zahra Buhari has reacted to the heated argument between Senator Dino Melaye and Festus Keyamo where Melaye suggested the President needed to visit a London hospital again over his statement on ballot box snatching.

Both men had the argument on live Television.

The president few days ago ordered the military to take action against anyone caught snatching ballot box.

“Anybody who decides to snatch ballot boxes or lead thugs to disturb it, maybe this is the last unlawful action you will take,” he said.

“I really gave the military and the police (order) to be ruthless. We are not going to be blamed that we want to rig election. I want Nigerians to be respected. Let them vote whoever they want across the parties”.

Reacting to the president’s order, Dino Melaye expressed disappointment.

“I am utterly disappointed in my president. I am completely in shock that in a democratic setting, a president will speak with the anointing if Idi Amin of Uganda, the president will use the word “ruthless”, the president will order killings of Nigerians without going through Legal procedures. That is totally unacceptable.

“I expected that by now the President should have apologised to Nigerians and withdraw that statement but instead there has been a lot of efforts, boxing the wind by Chieftains of the APC, trying to defend what is not defendable,” he said.

Festus Keyamo on his part stated that President Buhari is right to have made the comment and he would even encourage him to repeat it.

“I think I have listened to so many uninformed comments.

“What the president said is 100% correct, defensible and I will urge him to repeat it over and over again.

“The President said that whoever leads a band of thugs to go and snatch ballot boxes will pay dearly for it with his life. That is a correct statement of the law,” he stressed.

Reacting to the argument between both men, Zahra Buhari shared a screenshot on Instastories showing the scenario.

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Senator Dino also said that the President would need to visit a hospital in London again because of his comments.

Watch video below 

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