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An alleged Ghanaian Internet fraudster identified as Rubbin Sarpong,has been arrested after he reportedly swindled 30 Women from the United States of 2.1 million dollars.

One of his victims had committed suicide in June 2018, two days after being duped of $94,000 by Sarpong and his crew. 

The day before she died, the woman, whose identity was not released, allegedly went to Baltimore/Washington International Airport to meet what she thought was a diplomat with a $12 million box of gold.

Sarpong’s profile on Plenty of Fish, and other dating websites showed that he was an American soldier who was in Syria even though in reality, the authorities had traced him to Millville where he lived of the proceeds of his fraud.

He is charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud. The 35-year-old and his accomplices, who live in Ghana, fooled more than 30 people and made over $2.1 million in a brazen dating scam that went on for three years and led at least one woman to commit suicide.

He would be spending up to 20 years in jail if found guilty with a $250,000 fine for the fraud schem he reportedly started in January 2016.

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