3 Untapped Ways To Make Money With Your Smart Phone

How to make money with your smart phone
How to make money with your smart phone

Nearly everyone these days has a smart phone from high end brands like Samsung and iPhones to other brands like Tecno and Infinix.

These phones come with high resolution cameras and memory that can match some computers from the near past but are you really getting the most you can from these hand-held investments or do you just like to capture picture perfect moments for your social.

In this post Dockaysworld wants to show you make money with your smart phone for free.

1. Freelancing

How to make money with you mobile phone
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One of the ways you can make money with your smart phone is to sign up on freelance market place sites like Fiverr and Upwork then you can offer your services to paying clients online. These services can range from Content writing, Surveys and Graphic design.

At the right competitive price, you can start earning with the skills you already have. There are lots of resources and apps that can help you carry out tasks to give quality service and get paid for it all right on your smart phone.


  • You can offer multiple services separately or as a bundle increasing your chance at more money.
  • Getting rated for good jobs done can accelerate your growth and give you more clients.
  • You get to make some money doing what you know already.


  • You need to prove your work to get rated and this can be difficult sometimes.
  • Fiverr takes a 20% commission on each transaction.
  • They restrict vendor/client accessibility.

2. Blogging

How to make money with you mobile phone
How to make money from blogging

If you love to write blogging might be a good avenue to make money, how you ask?

Thanks to search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, people are constantly consuming information on a daily bases searching the internet for different topics and answers to their unending questions…How to lose weight fast, How to knot a tie, Tips to become a better trader, How can I make money using my cell phone, Latest news, believe me the list is endless!

To be a successful blogger you need to pick a niche and write good, relevant and consistent content adding imaging or videos to make it more interesting and easy for your viewers.

Now to the money part and how to start earning money from your mobile on the internet, when you become a thought leader in your chosen niche people start coming back for more of your content building large amounts of traffic to your site so you can start running Ads on your pages using platforms like Google AdSenseOpera News or display affiliate links.

Google Adsense.

How to make money with you mobile phone
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Based on your content, Google chooses relevant ads and displays them to your viewers so you get paid each time they click on the ads.

Over the years, Google has become more strict with its ads application process, and as such only approves websites which published high quality contents.

If you are confident your Website & contents meets Adsense standard, Apply here . Other programs similar to Google AdSense include Infolinks, and Chitika.

Opera News.

opera news
Opera news

Another promising but not very known means of making money from blogging is through the Opera News Platform. Yes Opera News!

With the recent launch of the opera for publishers platforms, bloggers can now earn money from publishing their contents on Opera.

This process is a quite straight forward means of making cool cash, and you could be part of this opportunity as a blogger with just the simple requirement of writing quality & user engaging contents.

After registering with Opera news hub as a publisher, Opera’s moderators would take time to go through your application request and approve if you meet the stated terms and requirements.

So make good use of this chance!.

Our team of experts can put you through all the steps to setting up your own website and show you proven steps to making good money off your blog (Click to get Access)


  • Requires little or no investment, all you need is you smart phone and your time.
  • Gives you flexibility to work at anytime from anywhere.
  • Multiple means of income.
  • Creates though leadership.


  • You might need to study how to monetize your blog or get expert help.
  • You will need extra resources to drive traffic to the site.
  • Can be time consuming and requires thorough research.


3. Mobile Apps

There are a few mobile applications that pay you mostly in app-related coins or they score you points on each successful task completed. These tasks can vary from taking surveys, watching videos, downloading Apps and more.

While there are apps that require physical and in-person service like Uber or Taxify, there are other apps that require just the use of your smart phone in this section we will look at a few apps that lets you do just that.

  •  Google Opinion Rewards

Google offers this as a rewards-based program. The initial aim for this program was to develop a survey mobile app for Android and iOS that allows users to take surveys and earn rewards.

The app already has over 10 million installs and all you need to do is head over to play store, install and Google will send you notifications when relevant surveys are available. You can receive up to $1.00 in play store credit for completing a task.


Toluna is another survey based app that rewards you for taking surveys. It is a community based platform with millions of members voicing their opinions influencing the latest products and services for major brands. As rewards points are offered which
are redeemable in products, gift vouchers or cash.

  •  Foap

Faop is an app that allows you sell your photos for cash. It’s flexible allowing you take photos with your smart phone, upload it for free on the app and sell your photos to big brands like Master Card, Heineken and Volvo Group. For a free app, you get unlimited storage and a 50% commission on your sales; you also get $50 for every mission completed.


  • Requires little or no investment, all you need is your smart phone and your time.
  • Tasks can be carried out remotely without physically rendering service.
  • Requires little or no expertise.


  • Some apps require you to reach a certain amount in points or rewards before you can cash out.
  • There are no guarantee that your service will be satisfactory, it’s all up to you
  • Some tasks can be limited to certain geographical regions

Please note, while some of these ways can show you how to make money with your smart phone, they are not guaranteed get rich quick methods but getting them right and with the right information you can earn a little extra cash on the side.

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