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Church of Satan reacts to Daddyfreeze’s statement about marriage vows being satanic

Amadin Ogbewe



The Church of Satan has reacted to a statement made by Nigerian OAP Daddyfreeze, where he stated that marriage vows are satanic.

Earlier today, Daddy Freeze had taken to social media to share his opinion on the topic, where he stated that all vows are satanic, including the ones said on wedding day. He added that Christ said so himself.

The Church of Satan which is known for responding to any statement or opinion they find contrary to their belief in Satan, got hold of Freeze’s statement and responded.

They wrote:

Marriage is not or everyone, but Satanists can admit and take responsibility for their own positions. Sounds like Daddy Freeze is just trying to make excuses to get out of it

Daddyfreeze has responded by sharing a bible verse.

He wrote:

When church of ‘god’ and church of Satan agree against Daddyfreeze, one bible verse comes to mind!

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