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A Ghanaian atheist identified as Chris-Vincent Agyapong has taken to his Facebook page to claim a possible reason God did not save the victims of the Ethiopian Airlines crash that occurred two days ago, is because He was drinking beer with Satan.

In his lengthy post, he asked if none of the passengers on board were worthy enough to be saved by God. He then proceeded to list seven reasons why God did not save any of the victims.

Read an excerpt from the post below:

“There are a few possible reasons why none was saved:

1. God was sleeping

2. God was busy drinking beer with Satan

3. God couldn’t be bothered as he does not care about homo sapiens

4. God caused this evil to happen himself

5. God is powerless and couldn’t do anything

6. God has been dead a long time ago but no one came to tell us

7. There is no God”

Chris then concluded his post by writing that no one should depend on the hand of any God because none exists according to him.

See his full post below:

See reactions below 

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Amadin Ogbewe


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