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Nigerian singer, Korede Bello has stated that God does not give people money and that they should stop begging Him for money. 

According to a video shared by the singer, such people should make us of the natural talents God has given them otherwise they would not succeed.

He gave examples of the abilities and talent God has already given such people which they need to work on for the provision of their needs.

Korede Bello wrote:

“Maybe we should stop asking God for money. God doesn’t give money, God gives you abilities, he gives you talents, he gives you values that you can exchange for money.”

The singer has spoken once before about poverty when he tweeted some weeks back that the best way to help poor people was to ensure that one didn’t end up poor themselves. 

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Amadin Ogbewe


Ogbewe Amadin is a senior reporter at Dockaysworld. He’s been published in Fireside fiction and others. He’s a lover of fantasy, sci-fi, sitcoms and sarcasm.

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