Mor Shapiro Ben Shapiro’s Wife – Her Life, Age, Networth and Deals


Dr. Mor Shapiro is married to conservative and controversial political commentator, media host, lawyer, columnist, activist, radio talk show host, and author, Ben Shapiro.

Other than the fact that she is a recurring topic of discussion in most of the interviews her husband has sat down for, and that she is someone he loves to brag about, there are many other things you didn’t know about Mor Shapiro, mainly because she leads a more private life than her husband and tries to avoid stirring up much controversy unlike Ben Shapiro.

This article covers more facts about Mor Shapiro you didn’t know, like her profession, where she from, when she met her husband, and her net worth.

More Facts About Mor Shapiro:

  • Who is Mor Shapiro?
  • Where is Mor Shapiro From?
  • When Did Ben and Mor Shapiro Meet?
  • When Did Ben And Mor Shapiro Marry?
  • Is Ben Shapiro’s Wife A Doctor?
  • Where Did Ben Shapiro’s Wife Go To Medical School?
  • What Type Of Doctor Is Mor Shapiro?
  • Mor Shapiro’s Net Worth
  • Mor Shapiro Controversy

Who is Mor Shapiro?

Mor Shapiro is a medical doctor who is based in Los Angeles, California, America. She was born Mor Toledano, but changed her surname to Shapiro, after she got married to Benjamin Aaron Shapiro popularly known as Ben Shapiro.

Just like Kristy McNichol, Mor Shapiro is a popular celebrity who will always be in the news.

Mor is very different from her husband Ben, who likes to court the attention of the media, rather she is a private person and maintains this personality by not having an Instagram or Facebook account.

Although she isn’t a very prominent public figure,  Mor Shapiro does well for herself, has an active life, and amassed success instead by practicing a really respectable profession while staying out of the public eye.

Where is Mor Shapiro From?

Mor Shapiro, although she is of an African (Moroccan Descent), was born in 1988, in Herzliya, Israel after her parents migrated to Israel.

Later at the age of 12,  Mor moved to Sacramento, California with her parents.

Mor is an Israeli, American who was born into a Jewish Moroccan family.

When Did Ben and Mor Shapiro Meet?

Ben and Mor Shapiro met after they were introduced by Ben’s younger sister Abigail.

The couple dated for a while, before getting engaged in 2007, then got married in 2008.

When Did Ben And Mor Shapiro Marry?

In 2008, Mor and Ben Shapiro got married in Israel, in a traditional Jewish ceremony.  In one of his articles, Ben wrote

“I got married last week… I am 24 years old. My wife is 20. Together we plan, with the help of God, on having healthy, happy, freedom-loving children who will grow up with the security provided by the armed guard.”

Apart from Ben, Mor had never dated a non-jewish man and they got engaged only after three months of dating.

“It is very important to me to marry someone with the same value systems and practices because being Orthodox is not just in my beliefs, it’s also a lifestyle,” Mor said in an interview.

Mor and Ben Shapiro as couples is nothing short of a match made in heaven, as Mor got the kind of man she wanted, since Ben is also Orthodox in his belief system.

In 2014, Mor and Ben Shapiro gave birth to a daughter named Leeya Eliana, then Ben penned a heartfelt letter to her:

“After Mommy and Daddy prayed very hard to Hashem to give them a healthy little baby, God answered them: Eliana.

“So your first name is about your relationship with God, and your middle name is about how thankful we are for you.”

Eliana Shapiro was born with a congenital heart defect which is known as atrial septal defect. In 2015, Leeya underwent an open heart surgery for a hole in her heart.

In 2016, the couple gave birth to a son. Altogether, Ben and Mor Shapiro have three children, the girl  Eliana being the only of their children whose name is known.

Is Ben Shapiro’s Wife A Doctor?

Yes, Ben Shapiro’s wife Mor Shapiro is a medical doctor. After her studies, Mor pursued a study in medicine, and showed interest in Neuroscience, she had an MD degree and practices as a resident doctor.

She even has an MD degree at Kaiser Woodland Hills, Woodland Hills, CA.

The path to becoming a medical doctor for Mor, was forged from a passion to learn about the  mind-body relationship, this passion led her to major in psycho biology as an undergraduate at the University of California, Los Angeles.

After graduating, Mor Shapiro did research on developmental neuroscience for two years at UCLA, using fMRI to study the effects of early life adversity on childhood brain development.

After her research, Mor enrolled into  UCLA’s School of Medicine, also known as the David Geffen School of Medicine, to earn her MD degree. While studying at the school of medicine, she worked as a Clinical Skills Instructor.

Mor Shapiro is known to have founded the DGSOM UCLA Ethics Symposium, which later became an annual event.

Where Did Ben Shapiro’s Wife Go To Medical School?

Dr. Mor Shapiro, Ben Shapiro’s wife, went to medical school in David Geffen School of Medicine.

What Type Of Doctor Is Mor Shapiro?

Dr. Mor Shapiro is a family medicine doctor practicing in Woodland Hills, California.

She got her medical degree from David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, and has been practicing medicine for less than 3 years.

Mor Shapiro’s Net Worth

As a medical practitioner, Mor Shapiro racks in thousands of dollars in salary, and currently has a net worth of 2 million USD.

Mor Shapiro Controversy

Usually, Mor Shapiro is someone who stays away from controversy, but as usual, she was dragged into it by her husband Ben Shapiro, following his viral comment on  Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion’s music  video “WAP” which was about arousal and vaginal secretions.

Apparently, Ben got so excited about the song and his opinion on it, that he immediately went to Twitter in his usual manner to drop comments on the song:

“My only real concern is that the women involved — who apparently require a “bucket and a mop” — get the medical care they require,”

He then dragged Mor into it by saying, “My doctor wife’s differential diagnosis: bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection, or trichomonis.”

Most people have said that for Mor Shapiro to give such diagnosis as a medical doctor, that means she doesn’t think that women use lubricants during sex, and many on Twitter where Ben choose as his place of crucification, concluded that sex with Ben Shapiro must be very unstimulating for Mor Shapiro for the idea of women lubricating to be new to her.

Thankfully, Ben Shapiro took most of the hit for his controversial comments and Mor was slightly kept out of it.

Ben shapiro
Dr Ben Shapiro

Another time when Mor Shapiro was dragged into a controversy courtesy of Ben, was during his on air spat with talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, over health insurance.

Their fight started after Mor Shapiro’s daughter Leeya Eliana had an open heart surgery for her atrial septal defect (ASD) in 2015. After the surgery, Ben dragged both Mor and his sick daughter into an ugly fight, after he got into a disagreement on  his daily Facebook live podcast, ‘The Ben Shapiro Show’, with late night show host Jimmy Kimmel about health insurance covering pre-existing conditions.

At this time, Billy the son of Jimmy Kimmel the host of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ also had a heart surgery a day after he was born at L.A.’s Children’s Hospital, where Leeya Eliana was also operated on. Kimmel broke the news in May 2017 to his audience, while opposing the GOP healthcare bill that was brought to replace Obamacare.

Ben wasted no time in criticising Obamacare while linking it to federal care, he attacked and accused Kimmel of sharing the personal story about his son to push for public policy.

Again Ben Shapiro dragged Mor into it, by stating that his daughter had great healthcare coverage because he and Mor were insured before becoming parents, he further said that someone who isn’t insured, would get their healthcare covered by charities and hospitals. Later, Ben challenged Kimmel to a debate, which Kimmel refused.

In February 2018, Kimmel responded to Ben by making an indirect statement where he said most talk show hosts are liberals “because it requires a level of intelligence”.

Ben Shapiro responded to Jimmy Kimmel’s comment by saying that it was “so smug, and it’s so smarmy”. Ben further stated that Jay Leno who is the most successful talk show host in the last 35 years is  center-right and a libertarian.

The truth remains that even if Mor Shapiro stays away from the public and petty online fights, we will be sure to hear her opinion and know her stance on the latest issues through her husband Ben Shapiro who drags Mor into conversations she is not a part of.

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