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A Nigerian medical doctor identified as Dr. Ayeni has gone on twitter to expose the peculiar excuse his dad gave him after scamming him of N150,000.

According to the doctor, his father called him and requested for the money with the excuse that he needed to repair the roof of his house damaged by rain. 

He sent the money immediately, only to realise it was a lie and that the roof had been in a perfect condition.

He then confronted his dad and demanded to know why he lied. His father told him that it was payback for all the times he had lied about needing money in school.

He wrote:

My dad once called me & told me that rain has removed the roof of our house & he needs 150k to fix it ASAP. I quickly sent it. I only realised later that it was a lie & when I confronted him, he said, “You think all those lies you told when you were in sch, we didn’t know?”

See tweet

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Amadin Ogbewe


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